A Crisis of Nobles


MassiveCraft is proud to bring you the next evolution of our factions competition!

Crisis of Nobles is an intense program designed to challenge even the most experienced and active factions to greater heights.


Crisis of Nobles is a factions oriented competition for power in the world of Aloria. It involves PvP, faction population, economics, military, diplomacy and lore. Evolving from Crisis of Kings, this next chapter is poised to challenge factions and watch as they rise to even greater heights.

Crisis of Nobles: A New Era

Crisis of Nobles requires players to develop their faction and apply as Great Houses to participate. In order to apply, a faction must meet the following requirements:

At least 20 members, not including alts.

100 Regals in their faction bank.

Medieval/fantasy styled faction name and base.

The Great Houses have each declared themselves as rulers of Hadar, an Alorian continent. Each month, these Great Houses will compete to reign supreme by earning points. At the end of each month, the Great House with the most points will earn a special yellow lore item prize, as well as right to be King/Queen of Hadar.


There are guidelines regarding the royal title while in Regalia that will be strictly enforced.

Read about that here: https://forums.massivecraft.com/threads/crisis-of-nobles-and-regalia.63964/


Crisis of Nobles will have many of the same systems in place that made Crisis of Kings so interactive and varied. We’ve kept the ability to have your faction recognized in MassiveCraft lore, and become canonized!

Read all about the canonization process here!

Earning points can happen in multiple ways. From building, to fighting, there’s something for every member of your faction to participate in, and drive you all to victory!  Take a look at the rules below.

Crisis of Nobles: The Rules


You can check out the entire section dedicated to the new Crisis of Nobles program in factions, and start recruiting within your factions for participation!  Any questions can be asked in the Question and Answer thread, located here.


The competition officially opens for applications today, September 24th, for an October 2018 kickoff!