Edit! The event was an success! But we only had time for archery and 1v1. The other two tournaments will held on saturday. See information here and sign up!

The event will be on the 17th march 19.30 UTC+1.00. Be sure to watch the video and leave the comment here to participate. Make sure to write in whatย disciplines and other info in you comment.

teamfights (with sh4z0r)
champion fights

The event will only allow certain equipment.

Chain Helmet
Chain Chestplate
Chain Leggings
Chain Boots
Stone Sword

Chain Chestplate
Chain Leggings
Bow +15 arrows
Wooden sword

Chain Chestplate
Chain Legging
Diamond Sword

ย Rewards

The rewards for the winner(s) are:
teamfights: power 3 bow full iron armor and sharpness 2 knockback 1 diamond sword
champion fights: every winner one diamond block