MassiveCraft is a big place with too much information to remember at once. This is why we have the MassiveCraft wiki, a massive collection of information with many contributors and everything you need to know about the MassiveCraft community and server.

On the MassiveCraft wiki, also known as the MassiveCraft Encyclopedia, you can find detailed lists of factions, players, Empires and cross faction relations. You can also find individual backstories about players, but also see if a player is a troll or griefer. The Wiki is always being monitored by the staff and expanded to provide an accurate and clear source of information. You can read how to best start your experience on MassiveCraft, master your knowledge of money and economy, and even learn how to become a vampire! You will never have to ask questions on the server anymore, all the information you need is right here!

Despite the wiki already being great, it could be much better. We are currently lacking enough people to keep the wiki 100% up to date, and fully expand with the speed of changes being put in effect. Even if you are new to the server but know alot about something that isn’t already on the wiki, or you know more about something that is already on the wiki, you are free to add and expand to the wiki as a whole. Perhaps you want to get your faction name out there, or provide background story to your character. The wiki is a great way to start your personal fame.

Whenever you are here, reading or just browsing do please take the opportunity to add or improve the wiki! It would be a help to us all, not only the MassiveCraft team, but also all the players!

You will find the wiki on the top bar of this webpage. But also at this adress:

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