The preservation and accessibility of knowledge surrounding MassiveCraft has always been a sought after resource. With every new addition to our plugins, lore, and features, comes the need to provide a reliable and user friendly tool in order to aid our constantly growing server. With this, we are pleased to announce the all new MassiveCraft Wiki.

Quality of Information

Many questions are asked about an array of topics as players experience MassiveCraft. Additionally, we recognize the importance of providing the answers to these questions as accurately as possible. We would like our readers to have full confidence in the answers they find on the wiki. Therefore, official content will only be contributed by approved players and staff. If an individual would like to contribute to the MassiveCraft Wiki, they will need to meet with either MonMarty or Ryciera to become approved as an official contributor.


In essence, the wiki will serve as a central location to obtain knowledge about lore, plugins, features, and other relevant public information. The MassiveCraft wiki acts as a hub for refined knowledge that is already available throughout the rest of the website. This means that past information and future information will both be included into one area for the convenience of our readers. The wiki should be a reader’s first stop when specific and official information is needed.


As always, the MassiveCraft team values the quality of our players’ Minecraft experience. We hope you find the new wiki both useful and reliable.

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