The screenshot above is taken using /tps on MassiveCraft couple of weeks ago. Type /tps yourself ingame right now, and you will see how much better it has become.

The MassiveLag plugin has been in development by Cayorion over the last 6 months. It has become a revolutionary Lag and TPS diagnostics plugin. Its specialty is detecting why you have performance issues. It will tell you exactly where those lag spikes and TPS drops are coming from.

Thanks to MassiveLag we have been able to fix loads of performance issues. These performance issues were fixed the last two weeks:

  • MassiveMobs – Mob generator was too slow.
  • MassiveMobs – Re-Aggro AI triggered too often.
  • MassiveMobs – Too long pathfinder range.
  • MassiveVanilla – Inventories saving too often.
  • Spigot – Usercache saving during runtime.
  • HolographicDisplays – Inefficient ID fetcher origin detection.
  • MassiveCore – Unallowed automatic sorting.
  • MassiveQuest – Added index to node evaluator.
  • Cannons – Uninstalled this plugin. Far to inefficient software.

Enjoy the smooth gameplay!

This is just the beginning. We will continuously use MassiveLag to optimize MassiveCraft. You event can support us by donating and downloading MassiveLag yourself: Read all about MassiveLag here.