MassiveMoney is is a money plugin developed specifically for MassiveCraft by Cayorion.

MassiveMoney offers an in-game currency and logs statistics. These statistics are used to detect causes for inflation and deflation with ease, tweak them, and offer our player base a remarkably stable in-game economy. Click the buttons at the top of the page to see these statistics.

  • Our ingame currency is called Regal.
  • New players start with 0 Regals.
  • The smallest amount of money you can transfer is 1 Regal. It’s not possible to transfer 0.1 Regals.


  • /money ?,h,help [page=1] display a help page
  • /money show [account=you] show balance
  • /money log,history [page=1] [account=you] view log
  • /money give,deposit,pay <account> <amount> [message=] give money
  • /money take,withdraw <account> <amount> [message=] take money
  • /money move <from> <to> <amount> [message=] move money
  • /money top,toplist [page=1] view money toplist
  • /money analyze [inactiveDaysMax=30] analyze economy
  • /money v,version display plugin version

Command Examples

MassiveMoney has built in Factions support. We suggest you use “/money” to handle your faction money instead of “/faction money”.

  • “steve” – Steve’s personal account
  • “f” – The account of your own faction
  • “f.asdf” – The account of the faction called asdf
  • “f.steve” – The account of the faction which Steve is in.

Use /money show to see your own money.
Use /money show steve to see steves money.
Use /money give steve 10 to give 10 Regals to Steve.
Use /money give steve 10 Thank you for the cookies! to supply a message with the transaction.
Use /money give f 1337 to give 1337 Regals to your faction bank.
Use /money take f 99 to take 99 Regals from your faction bank.
Use /money move f steve 20 to move 20 Regals from your faction bank to Steve.
Use /money give f.derp 200 Support for your war efforts. to give 200 Regals to the Faction derp with a message.
Use /money log to see the recent transactions for your personal account.
Use /money log 1 f to see the recent transactions for your faction bank.

We also have a really awesome money top-list!
Use /money top to see the first page.Use /money top 2 to see the second page.
Use /money top 3 to see the third page. etc.


All transactions are categorized by MassiveMoney. This is used in for statistics logging but also makes ingame transaction alerts and logs more useful.

  • Manual: Manual transactions such as /money give steve 10.
  • Rent: Costs for renting market stalls and houses in Regalia.
  • Factions: Costs for creating a new faction.
  • Fix: Costs for repairing items using /fix
  • MassiveLock: Costs when creating new locks and adding parts.
  • KingKits: Transactions by KingKits.
  • KitPvP: Transactions by KitPvP.
  • TradeMe: Transactions by TradeMe.
  • Vote: Rewards from Voting.
  • Quest: Rewards from Quests.
  • MassiveTickets: Rewards from MassiveTickets for game moderators.
  • Drop: Rewards from killing mobs.
  • ChestShop: ChestShop trade or creation.


You can rent houses and market stalls in Regalia. This is done by clicking [Rent Region] signs and using the /buyregion command.

Houses cost 100 – 350 Regals per month depending on location.
Stalls cost 500 – 3000 Regals per month depending on location.


There is only one Factions related cost.
Creating a new faction costs 100 Regals.

Learn more about Factions here.


You can repair damaged items quickly using the /fix command.
The repair price is 0.5 Regals per %.


Creating a new lock costs 3 Regals.
Adding a part to a lock costs 3 Regals.


Transactions by KingKits.


Transactions by KitPvP.


Money can be transferred using the direct player trade interface.


Each vote gives you 10 Regals. You can vote 16 times each day.
You can earn 170 Regals daily or 1190 Regals weekly.
Also you can earn up to 200 regals in the lottery every 25 votes.
If you sold the items you got at well you would earn even more.

Learn more about Voting here.


When doing quests you sometimes get money as a reward.
Did you complete the quests at the Regalian plaza yet?

Learn more about MassiveQuest here.


This is only available to staff members.
Staff members that answer help tickets can get Regals as a reward.

Learn more about MassiveTickets here.

MassiveMob Drops

These are the current MassiveMob drop rates. With “0.05 Regals” we mean you have a 5% chance to get 1 Regal.

  • Common: 0.04 to 0.06 Regals
  • Enchanted: 0.4 to 0.6 Regals
  • Uncommon: 4 to 6 Regals
  • Rare: 40 to 60 Regals
  • Epic: 400 to 600 Regals

Learn more about MassiveMobs here.


Creating a ChestShop costs 10 Regals except in the Market where ChestShop creation is free.

Left-click sign to sell.
Right-click sign to buy.
Simple Memory Jogger: “Left to Lose, Right to Receive

Do the following to create a chest shop:

  1. Place a chest, if you haven’t already.
  2. Place a sign near the chest (for example, above the chest)
  3. Write this on the sign:
  1. Row 1: *filled with your name automatically*
  2. Row 2: item amount, just a number
  3. Row 3: price, B near buy price, S near sell price
  4. Row 4: item name, use /iteminfo or check out this list

Chest Shop Examples

In the example above, “PlayerName” wants to buy, sell, do both and give away Wheat. If you place a sign next to or on a chest and follow the format above, you will be on your way to making a chest shop. Of course replace “PlayerName” with your Minecraft UserName. If you put “free” instead of a price, it is free to buy or sell.

If you want to delete your old shop, simply sneak and destroy the sign. It’s that easy.