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MassiveQuest is a uniqe questing plugin, developed by us here at MassiveCraft.


  • /q l,list [page=1] [incomplete/complete/all=incomplete]
    List the quests you have found.
  • /q s,show [node=used]
    Show a quest. Per default the one you currently are using.
  • /q u,use [node=check]
    Select a specific quest for use.

Finding Quests

Quests are most commonly found by right clicking an NPC quest giver. These NPCs have purple names above their head.
Such quest givers can be found at these locations:

  • Regalia (/spawn)
    Just the the introduction quest for new players.
  • New Ceardia and The Rift
    About 7 quests. Go to the Rift portal at New Ceardia spawn.
  • Warrenord
    More than 20 Quests. Take the purple and gray sailed ship at /spawn to get there.