MassiveRestore is a unique plugin, developed by us here at MassiveCraft.

With this plugin world maps can be configured to automatically restore wilderness chunks. Chunks claimed by factions are left alone, but all other chunks are restored to their beautiful, untouched, grief-free, LWC lock-free, tree-rich, ore-rich, original state.

This way world maps won’t wear out and have to be replaced. As a wonderful side effect the factions can keep their bases forever since they needn’t move.

The world map never has to be taken offline for manual maintenance. Chunks are restored one at a time every few seconds. Players can play on the map while the restoration silently happens in the background.


  • /mr the base command for MassiveRestore
  • /mr s,show [world=you] show world
  • /mr l,list [page=1] list worlds
  • /mr log [page=1] [world=you] display world log
  • /mr v,version display plugin version

World Maps


How can I tell when a certain chunk restores?
Use “/mr show” while standing in the chunk. It will tell you roughly when the chunk restores. It should be stressed that this is a rough estimation. If the chunk has an active faction claim, it will never restore.

Can I prevent a restore any other way but a faction claim?
No. The only way to prevent the system from restoring a chunk, is with a faction claim.

Ore Placement

All world maps using MassiveRestore uses a custom ore placer system. This way the ores generate on different locations every time.

The MassiveRestore ore placer is also 100% xray proof. All ores are fully encased in stone. No ores are exposed to air. This means that you must break blocks to find ores. No ores will be found in cavern walls.

The maximum Y levels for the ores are:

  • Diamond: 16
  • Lapis: 32
  • Emerald: 32
  • Gold: 32
  • Redstone: 32
  • Iron: 64
  • Coal: 256