MassiveRestore will be activated for Fendarfell and New Ceardia 1 week from now.

The plugin has been used on the world Teled Methen. Since that worked really well we have decided to use MassiveRestore on Fendarfell and New Ceardia as well. On those two maps the restoration cycle will be 1 month rather than 2 weeks.

For those unaware of MassiveRestore it is a unique plugin, developed by us here at MassiveCraft. With this plugin world maps can be configured to automatically restore wilderness chunks. Chunks claimed by factions are left alone, but all other chunks are restored to their beautiful, untouched, grief-free, LWC lock-free, tree-rich, ore-rich, original state.

MassiveRestore has the base command /mr.
Read all about MassiveRestore here.

Coundown to activation
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