MassiveRestore will be enabled for Ithania in two weeks.

Due to popular demand, instead of setting a date for the removal of Ithania entirely, we’re going to be adding MassiveRestore to the world and preserving it instead. MassiveRestore is a plugin coded by MassiveCraft that will automatically restore the landscape of any land unclaimed by factions, allowing the removal of abandoned or messy builds and the general tidying-up of the landscape.

MassiveRestore will be enabled on May 25th, 2015 — two weeks from now. It’s strongly encouraged you claim all your builds by that time, or move any unclaimed storage into claimed land that you don’t want to get restored.

MassiveRestore has a base command you can use: /mr.

You can read more about MassiveRestore here.

Activation Countdown:

[ujicountdown id=”meeting” expire=”2015/05/25 00:00″]