We’d like to take a moment to inform and clarify some of the recent changes you’ve seen in game. The majority of these changes are in relation to the new MassiveTraits System that is about to be released. There are a few mechanical and plugin related aspects that need to be altered to accompany the long awaited MassiveTraits plugin. Below is the exact text from the Change Log for Week 22.

  • Cayorion x2: (Thursday) All armor types now have the durability of diamond x3. Leather, Iron, Gold and Diamond armor all have the same durability and that durability is three times as high as standard diamond armor durability. This way PVP battles last longer and becomes more exciting.
  • Cayorion x1: (Thursday) Disabled MCMMO archery daze effect since it’s incompatible with MassiveTraits.

Explanation of Changes

You might have noticed that these changes are PvP centric. While the MassiveTraits plugin itself is not PvP centric, specific traits that are going to be implemented will have a significant impact on MassiveCraft PvP. These changes are necessary in order for the MassiveTraits system to function as intended.

Armor Update

MassiveTraits will make PvP more accessible and versatile for players. It will allow for a countless number of ways to PvP besides the current potion based meta. With the inclusion of traits like Life Steal, Health Boost, Stun, Regeneration, and countless others, it is intended that PvP battles will last longer and become much more intense. This posed an issue for armor durability. Armor will still break faster with increased mcMMO axe level. However, in order to fully experience the MassiveTraits PvP aspects, armor damage must not be a limiting factor in moderate level fights. Everything is subject to change in relation to a balanced PvP experience. So please feel free to provide input in a constructive manner.

Archery Update

The mcMMO Daze ability posed issues for archery based traits. The target became invulnerable for a short period of time if you dazed them when causing damage with a bow. We felt that the damage from bows was not currently strong enough to be viable in PvP, and the invulnerability inhibited percentage based traits that are planned to be triggered with a bow. However, by removing Daze, you will be able to continue attacking your target and causing damage. Additionally, you will be able to use a bow to cause status effects and other trait abilities. This means that you will be able to customize your traits if you’d like to play a long range support role. You will be able to stun, wither, poison, and cause many other effects to your target while at range with a bow.

We hope that this information helps you in understanding the changes that are taking place. We encourage constructive feedback, and are looking forward to releasing the MassiveTraits system very soon.