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Minecraft Adventure Quest Server

Experience the best Minecraft Adventure Quest server with unique and constantly updating quests in a Medieval RPG setting. Supported by custom plugins, MassiveCraft is an RPG adventure experience with no equal!


MassiveQuest Adventure Maps

The MassiveCraft server is home to the most unique and high quality Adventure maps supported by our own custom plugin, MassiveQuest. These maps are filled with quests supported by our powerful plugin which makes storytelling and engaging questing a popular activity. Go on your own adventure to discover the questing islands, or go together with friends and work as a team to take on the more challenging missions.

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Persistent adventure and loot.

Persistent Adventure

Even after completing the quest chains provided in our immersive quest world, the stories, experiences, and items can be used to take you further in our other worlds. The unique lore items and rewards provided by these quests can be used to take your roleplay one step further in our roleplay world, Regalia. Alternatively, these can be used to help you gain an upper edge in our survival and factions world, Essalonia. With repeatable daily quests and level-able skills such as mining, smithing, and herbalism–the fun never ends!

High Quality Maps

Countless hours were poured into designing, building, and decorating our quest worlds to bring our Quest Adventurers the highest quality worlds to explore. Tiny details have been placed everywhere for you to get lost in the adventure as the story unfolds through the quest progression. Rob a bank, explore the farmlands, battle monsters, and solve puzzles as you partake in lockpicking, codebreaking, cannon firing, music making, and more!

Helpful quest staff.

Frequent Updates

Quests in our quest worlds are written by and contributed to by not only our staff members but members of our community as well. The challenges conquered by our MassiveQuest plugin are innumerable and ever growing as new techniques are developed and implemented regularly, allowing us to present players with new scenarios and options in so many unexpected and enjoyable ways! Our quests are crafted with the most advanced techniques in MassiveQuest coding technology in order to bring you the most enjoyable adventures.

Rich Backstory

Our current Quest Island, Silverwind, is a strategic island located in the middle of the sea between the Regalian Archipelago to the north, Farah’deen to the east, and Daendroc to the west. It was first discovered by pirates and has since seen great turmoil as battles were fought over it and leadership has changed hands again and again. A group calling themselves the Pirate Lords have now claimed rule, and they promise stability and order, but all is not well. Many troubles still plague the land. Silverwind features twenty new quests spread across four questlines!

NPCs with rich backstories.

Seasonal Events

Massive Quest adds additional levels of enjoyment to seasonal events as well! Unique scenarios and games allow you the chance to get unique and even personalized prizes and collectibles. Keep these items forever–they will never be obtainable again after the close of a seasonal event! Don’t pass up the chance to enjoy a fun Quest-Generated game, or the chance to buy that unique one-of-a-kind lore or enchanted item from an event vendor.

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