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Minecraft Adventure Quest Server

Experience the best Minecraft Adventure Quest server with unique and constantly updating quests in a Medieval RPG setting. Supported by custom plugins, MassiveCraft is an RPG adventure experience with no equal!


MassiveQuest Adventure Maps

The MassiveCraft server is home to the most unique and high quality Adventure maps supported by our custom plugin MassiveQuest. These maps are filled with quests supported by our powerful plugin which makes storytelling and engaging questing a popular activity. Go on your own adventure to discover the questing islands, or go together with friends and work as a team to take on the more challenging missions.

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Quest adventure maps.

Persistent adventure and loot.

Persistent Adventure

Quests completed on MassiveCraft have persistent rewards, meaning that even after you finish a quest, the rewards and experience continue on. Everything on MassiveCraft is connected, you can take your story and choices to roleplay adding these experiences to your backstory. The unique lore items and rewards can be collected or sold, and the resources can be used on the survival maps. Will you become a quest item collector? Will you become rich or will your character grow from the experience? Find out!

High Quality Maps

The adventure quest maps are built with the latest of map building skills with extreme detail. Everything you see is custom built and supported by various plugins. Only on MassiveCraft’s Adventure Quest maps do you get the true RPG experience as you spend hours doing quests, traveling unique and vast lands full of exploration and entertainment.

High quality custom maps.

Helpful quest staff.

Frequent Updates

New quest content is constantly added to MassiveCraft by our dedicated and helpful quest staff. Old maps have new quests added while whole new questing adventure maps are constantly in production to provide new and unique experiences. This gives players old and new the same engaging and exciting experience whether they do quests for the first time, or revisit the adventure maps.

Rich Backstory

Discover secrets about the world of Aloria which are not mentioned anywhere else. Quest NPC’s come alive like nowhere else with over 1500 custom written dialogue lines, personality through manners and quirks and realistic ambitions and plans. Become part of the lore as you help ordinary people with tasks and plans to leave a lasting impact on the world. Then take your experiences into Roleplay as your character develops.

NPCs with rich backstories.

Seasonal events.

Seasonal Events

Unique server wide seasonal events are held, whole weeks of special unique one time quests and activities to engage in. The seasonal festivals bring unique experiences and lore items for those collectors and questers, as well as unique adventures with hundreds of people! You simply cannot miss these events where players have a lasting impact on the story that makes up the fictional world of Aloria.

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