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Unleash your creativity and show off your building skills in our new and awesome Creative Universe! Use our tools and plots to build alone or with friends using unlimited resources.


Multiplayer Plots!

Visit MassiveCraft’s new Creative server, including plots for every player and unlimited resources, and create your own small world. The creative game mode allows the player to claim a plot and to gain the access to any items they desire on their own plots. But that doesn’t mean that you are the only one who can be allowed to build on your plot. Invite your friends and build together with them on a single giant plot and create together something special and unique on MassiveCraft!

Plots! - claim up to 4, multiplayer, infinite resources, show off

Worldedit - advanced tools for advanced edits and more possibilities

WorldEdit – advanced tools for advanced edits and great possibilities!

Sometimes building a large structure can get a little tedious and time-consuming, so we have given the players access to Worldedit to speed up some of the more large scale building plans! Cover large areas in your plot, terraform, and instantaneously create large structures with this helpful tool!

Build, test, experiment!

MassiveCraft’s Creative world is a great opportunity to show your creations to other players, try out new and unique building styles or just test some of our plugins and possibilities. This gives players a new way to express themselves, their own building styles, and do anything else they’d like in their own personal corner of the server.

Experiment - build, test, try

Connected to the global hub in chats, factions, money

Connected to the global hub in chats, Factions and money

Unlike many Hub servers, MassiveCraft takes pride in the player ability to stay connected to the rest of the server while in Creative. Due to a world chat, economy, and PM system that spans across all game modes, you can stay in touch with your friends while at your plot, making it even easier to share your creations with your friends.

Create mazes and parkour arenas for your friends.

On Massivecraft you get the chance to create mazes and parkour arenas on your own plot. Players can create a small map full of exciting challenges for friends, and invite anyone on the server to come check it out. You can host small events on your plot and create your very own social hotspot on MassiveCraft!

Create mazes and parkour arenas for your friends

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