Minecraft Factions Server

Minecraft Factions Server

Play on the original minecraft factions server! Group up with your friends in online multiplayer and build your Faction base on one of our unique custom Minecraft survival maps. With over 30 custom plugins, MassiveCraft offers a Factions experience unlike any other!


The Original Minecraft Factions Server

We made Factions! The Factions plugin developer is our server owner. On MassiveCraft you always play in the latest development version of Factions with unreleased features available on no other server. We have all of the official extra features installed such as FactionsTax,  FactionsDynmap, and FactionsAchievements. MassiveCraft is the oldest and most experienced Factions server.

Extreme Custom Maps

MassiveCraft has several custom survival maps, all of which have been handmade by our WorldStaff! Using a series of custom biome objects like trees, bushes, and rocks, we spend a lot of time focused on creating unique layouts for each of our worlds! Areas such as old ruins, large canyons, and oceans full of icebergs are among the many different paths we take to ensure that our worlds have an unlimited sense of variation unlike most vanilla Minecraft maps.

Events Happening… Always!

Here at Massivecraft we have our own customized Events! Our amazing Event Staff will host events with great enthusiasm and amazing rewards! We got minigames like Hunger Games, Mazes and Parkour! But most especially tons of Custom events designed by our staff and players!

Custom mobs and creatures.

Custom Mobs and Bosses

MassiveMobs, MassiveCraft’s unique, custom monster plugin brings survival in Minecraft to a whole new level. From epic boss monsters to adorable baby sheep, MassiveMobs has the widest variety of custom monsters and animals you will ever see! Most MassiveMobs are tameable, making it easy to have your own army of creatures to help fight by your side. Tamed MassiveMobs will follow you about your day, and certain monsters will even help you fight! Some MassiveMobs have customizable armor, so you can equip your tamed monsters with the best armor and weapons!

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Character Traits Customization

Add or remove traits to improve yourself for almost every situation you can imagine – need to cross an ocean quickly and forgot your boat? Choose Flywater to fast travel the vast waters of Massivecraft! If you can’t see those pesky zombies at night, then Nightvision is your best friend. Or if you’re looking for that extra edge in PVE, consider adding yourself Healthboost! Should you choose to meddle with forces you shouldn’t play with, we have a complete unique Fireball trait and incinerate all your foes. There are billions of possible combinations available to mix and match so you can become whatever you want to be! All heal and Feed traits are disabled. Starve and Harm are still enabled.

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Many traits and abilities

Custom items and weapons

Custom Items and Weapons

From MassiveCraft’s lore items to silly derp weapons you can collect hundreds of custom items obtainable in countless ways! Custom Items and weapons dropped from our MassiveMobs make epic loot that can be collected, and even traded for in-game currency or other items. Take a second to upvote the server and receive special items as a thank you, or join in the fun at some of MassiveCraft’s very own Game Events to win rare items and weapons as prizes!

Player Driven Economy

MassiveCraft is home to one of the only true capitalistic economies in the Minecraft universe! Players buy and sell their goods and services to other players, instead of using a admin shop. Supply and demand drive our economy, not the prices set by the server staff. Players can build chest shops to hold their goods, and set custom buy and sell prices. Our forums have a marketplace and auction house for the sale of land, houses, or rare items. MassiveMoney, our custom money plugin, allows us to prevent inflation and look at the daily changes in the economy. Want to make money without dealing with other players? You can kill mobs, complete quests, or vote to make money!

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Many custom plugins.

Over 30 Custom Plugins

Not only have we developed the Factions plugin, we have also developed dozens of other custom plugins! Perhaps you want to fight some monsters? MassiveMobs, a plugin that delivers multiple new features to the world of PvE, creates custom mobs and bosses throughout the server. Or maybe you want to travel the world, doing good deeds, and making a profit in the meantime? MassiveQuest – another plugin developed by us – will surely entertain and fascinate you! These plugins will be sure to satisfy your hunger for an incredible Minecraft experience!

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Our IP is massivecraft.com

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