Alot has happened in the past week(s), I will try to make a short breakdown here to give people some basic information. The following points will be highlighted in this post.

  • Regalia
  • Ellador
  • MassiveCraft Team Departments
  • Trusted Recruitment
  • Ruleset
  • Roleplay Background

The construction of regalia has dragged out alot more then was initially anticipated. Despite the setbacks however, we have already finished more then half of the city. As the city itself expands, so do our ideas of how we want to use the city. One of our newest ideas is that the city itself will be the location of something new we intend to introduce to the server, the Regalian Empire. The Regalian Empire will not be a faction per se, but will allow one particular player to be the Emperor, elected by political office, or conqueror of Regalia. Emperors get all kinds of benefits for being the Emperor of Regalia, but must also maintain peace within the Empire. Other players may band together, and if a sufficient number of rebels is achieved, a server event will start with a battlefield, taking the siege onto the walls of Regalia and fighting into the streets of the many districts. We hope to introduce many more dynamic events and mechanics trough Regalia in this manner, and will keep people up to date as we come up with them and finalize them.

The development of Ellador has gained a slight delay. Ellador was originally planned to be released last week or so, however the finalization is currently halted due to a broken plugin required to create  the world. Ellador is made with TerrainControl but there is currently a bug in terraincontrol that does not render large Bo2’s correctly, causing the map to not look “as good”  as we intend it to. The wait is currently on for this fix, but as soon as it should appear, Ellador would be released within a matter of days.

MassiveCraft Team Departments
As many of you have seen, we have split the MassiveCraft team into 4 different departments. These names might be confusing at the start, but are quite simply once you understand what they mean. Here is a breakdown.

  • Moderators (Mod)
  • World Development (World)
  • Technicians (Tech)
  • Community Management (CM)

These terms are very broad, so a short explanation about every single department can be found here. Moderators is a collective name of the staff members that largely specialize in dealing with administration on the server, dealing with helpops and other assorted issues. If any problem arises on the server regarding rule breaking or other mechanics, these are the people you should first contact. World Development is the department that is in charge of developing worlds. This means for example, to create new worlds like Regalia and Ellador, manage Bo2’s but also maintain already existing worlds to clean them up a bit (remove floating sunroofs and other ugly stuff that is not in line with our server policies). Technicians are the people in charge of the technical side of MassiveCraft, such as programmers, plugins, Teamspeak, the Website and the Forum. If you find a problem or a bug with anything technical, these are the people to report to. Community Management is the broadest department of all, and houses quite alot of diffrent tasks. The lower ranks of this department deal mostly with Event management and also RP allocation. The higher ranks deal with server policy making, Player to Admin and Admin to player relations, internal team relations and general social problemsolving on the server. If you for example have an issue with an administrator, you would contact someone from this department, but also if you want to host your own event.

The ranks for these departments are quite simple to explain, the current format may still be subject to change but here is a short explanation. Previously there were the ranks of Trusted, Moderator and Administrator. These ranks technically still exist, but under a different name. trusted is now any #1 position in a department (for example Mod1 and CM1), Moderator is now any #2 position in a department (for example Tech2 and Mod2) and Administrators are any #3 position (for example CM3). Administrators are now the department heads, they are in charge of the lower ranks of the departments, and also responsible for their lower ranks and projects of their department. Currently the department heads are as followed:

  • Tech: Cayorion
  • World: Wessexstock
  • Mod: Igel_son, Firesoap, Ninjabaver
  • CM: MonMarty

Trusted Recruitment
Previously we had a system in place which means that members had to vote for applications. This presented several problems along the lines of admins being able to lock down a vote by saying no, but also some people not getting sufficient votes even though they could prove themselves. We have revised the system and returned to an older apprentice-mentor model. This means that Moderators and Admins may take on apprentices to hopefully teach them how to become good trusted and eventually stand on their own legs to function as a team member. Currently the system allows Moderators to take on one apprentice, and Administrators may take on two. The following admins have already taken in apprentices:

  • MonMarty has taken Mihanna and Severek
  • Igel_son has taken gnarrf

This list may already be out of date at the time of writing, but it basically means that MonMarty will not take any more apprentices unless they have passed their one month or so trial. Igel_son however, may take on another one. Take in account that some mods or admins are not interested in taking on any apprentices, and you can’t just pick anyone.

So how do you go about joining the team? You will need to prove  yourself to such an extent that an admin or mod wants to take you in as apprentice. Why is this better? Because it allows people to join the team regardless of wether they are disliked by one particular team member who keeps blocking their entry, but also allowing a more easier introduction into the team trough a mentor. The best way to see if someone wants to take you in as their apprentice, is to just ask them. They might say yes, they might say no, or they might say maybe under certain criteria. It is important to remember however that the criteria for being allowed have been tightened. You have to actually be decently active on Teamspeak, this is really a requirement. We have a commitment to the team and this commitment is vocal communication in the form of team meetings and other discussions. Not having a microphone does not fit into this because it means you will always be missing out on communications. Some other criteria involve dedication to the server and community, but also work already done for by the community and server. More information about the exact requirements will be posted later, most of the pages still need to be updated.

We are currently in the process of rewriting the rules to cover more of the “unwritten”  rules that were made up on the fly recently to cover new situations. Keep an eye on the pages to see when changes are made, you dont’ want to be caught breaking the rules you do not know, ignorance is not an excuse.

Roleplay Background
We are currently developing a general story lore for the server as a whole. This means the existance of the worlds, background story to all kinds of mechanics within the game, but also a more strict enforcement of our RP elements in especially Ellador. We have allowed some moderate freedom in Daendroc and Ceardia, but we will really enforce Medieval RP in Ellador. Futuristic or unrealistically supported floating structures will be torn down by the staff. More information about this will follow as Ellador is released.