The construction of Regalia is well underway, and we have soon finished the first district. It was high time we released a bit more information since so many people have been asking questions, and I have not responding to any of them because I have been busy the entire time managing the project. 

Regarding Prospera 
People who currently have a propera shop will need to log a support ticket within 3 weeks of the release of Regalia (most likely on the forum, we will release more information when this starts) to request their shop to be moved. Prospera will be removed after 3 weeks, so there is a time table to adhere to. Prospera shop owners may then choose to either get a regalia shop for free, or get a silver discount on Merchant houses. Merchant houses are in the same district as the shops, and together with the shops the only place in Regalia that allows chestshops. 

Regarding Houses
Houses are being sold by the general space they have, but we have split up the diffrent sizes in diffrent districts to group people together. Houses will be managed by Worldguard, in a similar manner to Prospera currently. This means  your house is yours and yours alone, or perhaps yours and some of your friends, you may assign additional owners. The following levels are currently planned.

Imperial District – Oligarchs  
Oligarchs (Arc’s in short) are  the top of the food chain in Regalia, the richest players on the server. These are the owners of large factions, trade federations and generals of large armies. These citizens of Regalia have expanded rights within the city, better spots in the Cathedral during events, reserved spots in the Council house during meetings, and much more. These citizens may also be more involved with city politics in the future when we flesh out the concept.  

Gold District – Nobility
Nobility are the second rank of the aristocracy. These are generally the second in command to the Oliarchs, as well as religious figures of high command. These are the general populace that enjoy some benefits in the city, but not as much as the Oligarchs. They may occupy political seats when we flesh out the concept.

Merchant District – Merchants
This district is rather self explainatory, any rank of citizen or noble may own a shop here, as well as a house somewhere else, or simply choose to just own a shophouse and live on the second floor. Merchants are otherwise classified as Citizenry.  

Azure District – Citizenry
Citizens make up of the general population in Regalia. They occupy the common seats in all the public buildings and hold no general benefits in the city. 

Commons District – Commoners
Commoners are the bottom of the food chain in Regalia. They generally do not participate in any public Offices and serve the higher ranks in numerous ways such as soldiers, workers, smithy’s etc.

Alms District – Beggars and Vagrants
This part of the town is generally not the best place to be in Regalia. It is the ran down backside of the city, far away from the splendor of the Imperial district. People that live here generally don’t have a job, their houses are in a poor state and streetfights are the order of the day. This may also be the best place to hide as a criminal or assassin.

Undercity – Vampires and other things that cannot bear sunlight
The Undercity is planned, but because this is about as big as the city above (if not bigger) it will be built and finished much later then Regalia will. The Undercity will have sewers, it’s own public buildings as well as houses for sale. Vampires are not forced to live here, but if you intend to participate in the citylife above the ground you better hide the fact that you are a vampire, Regalia is a holy city with the Cathedral as central authority on all that is holy.

Other funfacts for Regalia 
Parcour elements are planned on public buildings, we want to give people the ability to explore the city from all it’s views be it the wall or the top of the Imperial cathedral, or race with contestants to the top of the Council house. We will be hosting harbor sales, Admin generated sales with rediculous low prices at the harbor. These will have very limited stocks, so the first person to notice them and make use of them, wins the prize. We will also be hosting ships going to all other worlds. We are still considering wether we want to give players the ability to own ships as well. Regalia will also have special districts, such as the Elven district currently being built. These are generally hotspots for Roleplay and such. 

More information on Regalia will be released as time goes by, but for now here is some pictures:

Crossroads in Merchant District

Crossroads in Merchant District


Imperial District to Merchant District

Imperial District to Merchant District