We just changed how we format player names in chat and above player head.

The /friend system has been reworked. You will have to add your friends again. The new system is a one sided “favorites” system. Just add your favorite players using the /fav command. They don’t have to accept.

Use /rc [global|local|head=show] [on|off=toggle] to manage faction relation coloring. It’s off per default.

  • /rc displays your current settings
  • /rc g toggles relation color in global chat (for an epic rainbow experience)
  • /rc l toggles relation color in local chat /the l: channel (Useful in PVP)
  • /rc h toggles relation color above player heads (Useful in PVP)

Color is chosen from the first match in this list:

  • Staff: Aqua
  • Faction Member: Lime (only when faction relation color is on)
  • Faction Ally: Purple (only when faction relation color is on)
  • Faction Truced: Pink (only when faction relation color is on)
  • Faction Enemy: Rose (only when faction relation color is on)
  • Favorite: Yellow
  • Premium: Gold
  • Default: White

The following Badges are available:

  • Favorite:
  • Staff:
  • Premium:

With relation color you can see what relation you have to a player at once based on their color. Your faction Members will be Lime, your Enemies will be red, Allies Purple etc. Those you are neutral to will be white, unless they are premium in which case they will be Gold. Staff members are always aqua.

The nickname is now displayed last above the player head instead of first. The benefit with this is we now display 2 more characters of the nickname (14 instead of 12).

Health is now displayed in percent just above the head of players.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why are premiums gold instead of lime?
A: Because your faction members are lime.

Q: Will you please revert back to the old system?
A: No, you will like the system once you get used to it <3

Q: Do you listen to improvement suggestions for the new name format?
A: Yes, please do tell us here or on the forums. Note that “#BringTheOldChatBack” is not a constructive improvement suggestion.