As you may have noticed the chat looks and works a bit different now. That’s because we just launched the first version of our new chat system MassiveChat. As you may have guessed MassiveChat is coded by Cayorion here on MassiveCraft.

Why change the chat system?

  1. As authors of our own chat system we can tweak it to work exactly as we want it to.
  2. For the future “sharding” project of ours we needed a sharding compatible chat system. MassiveChat is sharding compatible. The previous system wasn’t.
  3. We have visions for future features (see section below) that we couldn’t add to the previous system.

News and Differences

The chat/channel command can be reached using any of the aliases c,ch,chat.

You can’t focus a channel using “/ch channelname” anymore. If you want to focus trade chat you should use one of these alternatives:

  • /ch focus trade
  • /ch focus t
  • trade:
  • t:

The new channel Local replaces Say, Whisper and Yell.

  • To Whisper: End your message with an asterisk (*)
  • To Yell: End your message with an exclamation mark (!)
  • To Say: Don’t end your message with ! or *

The radiuses:

  • Whisper: 3 to 10 blocks
  • Yell: 150 to 200 blocks
  • Say: 50 to 75 blocks

A new channel has been made called the “Help” channel. Please note this channel is not meant for chitchat or private conversations. The Help channel is purely meant for questions on the server. These questions would for example be:

  • How do I get to Ithania?
  • How do I make a faction?
  • How do I see who is an admin?
  • How do I make a diamond helmet?

The Help channel is purely made to allow players and staff to answer each other’s questions, about the server, about minecraft etc. It is not meant as a replacement for the helpop system, but should allow some volunteering helpfull players to take some work out of the staff hands by helping. The Help channel is mostly a player to player help channel, use helpops when an admin or moderator is necessary.

Cooldowns are now shared between a few channels. Speaking in general and then jumping to trade to avoid cooldown won’t work.

Future Features

[ADDED 2013-01-30] Partial name recognition is currently missing but will soon be added in. If you for example want to send a private message to Cayorion …

  • … this will not work:
    /msg cay hello there!
  • … this will work:
    /msg cayorion hello there!

For now you should use normal tab completion instead. Simply hit tab after you wrote “cay” and it will autocomplete to “Cayorion”.

[ADDED 2013-01-30] Yell and whisper in local will be added in the future. Currently the player is always “saying” stuff in local. In the future an exclamation mark (!) at the end of the message will make the player yell and an asterisk (*) will make the player whisper.

Emotes will be added in the future. They will be a form of local chat reachable using a “/me” command. They will be more than text-based. Appropriate sound effects will be added when possible. “/me shrieks” will for example state “playername shrieks” in the chat but the vampire shriek sound will be played as well.

Optional censoring will be added in the future. Censoring of harsh words will be enabled per default but can be toggled of by players wanting to hear them using “/chat censor off”.

Roleplay languages will be added in the future. Probably one for each race. You can as a player decide if you speak in the common tounge that everyone knows or your race specific one. Your message will be obfuscated for those that don’t know the language. An obfuscated tigran message could go something like “hurr durr” when saying “hi there”.