Firstly, we have just opened a new position within the MassiveCraft team known as Trusted players; these players will help answer your questions and bring more bright ideas for the future. Another important role for these players is to monitor the chat for inappropriate language and other things you wouldn’t want to see in global chat.

We have also changed the roles of half-mod, moderator and admin. Although the only difference is the name and the colour of their names in chat, half moderators also known as apprentices were used as a test for possible moderators. These players are now known as Keepers; they will also help answer your questions and come up with new ideas but they can also help you with more complex problems you may have.

The final change is that moderators and administrators are now known as Elders; Help with more serious problems e.g. griefing, client side hacks/cheats, we can help you with almost everything and normally deal with big incidents like griefing and client side cheats/hacks.

So a quick overview of what we changed:

  • Trusted Chat Monitor and Basic Help
  • Keeper Help with smaller problems e.g. removing of private signs.
  • Elder Help with more serious problems e.g. Griefing, client side hacks/cheats.

Just remember we are all happy to help with any problems or queries you may have.