Quest veterans of MassiveCraft, it’s time to return to Warrenord! We’re pleased to present an expansion to the most unique Minecraft experience available anywhere. Get ready for more choices, challenging combat, riddles, unique items, and a chance to learn surprising things about some familiar characters.

  • Seven new quest lines for you to explore. New faces and exciting twists await.
  • Your choices matter and will affect future questing. Do the right thing, or don’t—it’s up to you.
  • Gain new lore items and earn regals while having fun.
  • New to questing on Warrenord already offers 20+ questlines. Come join us!
  • Never visited Warrenord? Come explore a breathtaking map devoted to RPG-style questing and powered by MassiveCraft’s own MassiveQuest plugin, exclusively available on our servers.

-=New Quests=-

Blame Someone Else!
Help Eldric’s son recover his deceased mother’s jewelry and prove himself in the eyes of his father. Head to Eldric’s Elixers near the Warrenord Tavern to find Aldus. Written by Levers.

A Cooling Apparatus
What’s he building over there? Whether a visionary inventor or just another fool on a hill under a tree by a church, Williford needs a hand. Written by Alj23.

Do You Dare?
Can you keep up with Moll? If you think you have what it takes, meet her towards the back of the church. Written by Levers.

The Fool’s Trick
Is your mind as sharp as the wit of that jester that’s been wandering around town? Follow the Fool to find out. Written by Awes0me Lawson.

A Golden Chance
Like most respectable endeavors, this begins in the sewers. Joshua has a job for you, one that might make you squirm a bit. This is the third quest in the Rogue line, beginning with Michael’s Redemption. Written by Darkfarce.

Snack Time
Continue your adventures within the Collective in this fourth installment of the Rogue line. How could something so precious, and hungry, have gone missing? Written by Darkfarce.

You’ve been used!
What will you do when you learn the truth? The lives of the inhabitants of Warrenord hang in the balance. It all begins with the Beggar by the docks, but you’ll have to first complete both Bossy Circci and Caretaker Mira before tackling this engaging quest. Written by Awes0me Lawson.

To reach Warrenord, take the purple and gray sailed ship at /spawn. Good luck and enjoy your haircut!