Regalia v5 – A New Regalia Debuts!

Regalia V5 has been under construction for a while now. We’ve faced a couple of hurdles and issues along the way that delayed it way beyond what we originally planned, and the content provided is also a lot bigger than originally intended. The World staff in particularly worked hard to get this all done before Christmas, and it seems like our planning there paid off. Without padding this post to much, straight to the information

We are releasing Regalia V5 in a Staggered Release format:

  • The first public release of the city will be on Tuesday 4 December, at 23:00 London Time (more timezones can be found further in this post for more information). This release will be the “bare city”. This means that the city is opened as is with all the public buildings, streets and areas ready for use, but with rentals disabled. People who registered in the Neighborhood registry will be given their house during the first public release, with one month of rent free on the house. This accounts for about a third of the housing in the city. Keep in mind, all districts which were pre-registered received padding. That is to say, even though 10 players registered for a house, we opted to often build 15 instead. There will be some houses left over in each district for those who did not register in time.


  • The second public release of the city will be rental regions for those who did not register in a neighborhood registry. The city has about 390 House rentals, of which about 130 are pre-registered. The public release for rentals is on Saturday the 8th of December, 23:00 London time. For more timezone conversions, please read further into the post. During this release window, we will enable rentals for everyone in the city. This also means that those who already received a rental during the first public release are able to add additional rental months on top of their existing rental period.


  • The third public release of the city will be the city’s Sewer system, with a yet unannounced date. Because we had to cut production costs in terms of delivery, it was decided that the city Sewers would not be built until after the first release window. We don’t have a final date on this, but we expect it to be somewhere one or two weeks after the second public release, so somewhere towards the end of December. The Sewers will not feature any rental regions. Most of the areas in the sewers that are claimable by groups will go through progressions and player quests. Don’t wait until the sewer release before renting a house!


  • Regalia V5 will be released in the Winter theme! That means it will release straight away with snow everywhere. This means the city will look warm, if a bit bleak, with all the white snow and the brown/red leaves everywhere. This should lead to a whole new fresh city feel when spring does come around towards the end of January/mid February. So get your shawls and winter skins ready!


Day One – Soft Launch – What Happens?


  • The Streets are all functional including our “double eight way”. This is a term we use to describe the road network which is shaped like 2 8’s connected next to each other, representing the main boulevards. Players will spawn in the cross section at the top, in front of the Golden Willow Tavern.
  • The Golden Willow Tavern is functional, and mostly manned by the Staff/Players who previously ran it also. This Golden Willow Tavern will retain it’s central hub feature for new players. To the left of spawn, which itself is on the “Imperial Isle” is “New Town”, where all the proper people live. To the right is “Old Town” which is not quite a slums, but certainly old and not as stylish as the other district areas.
  • To the left is the Peirgarten Teahaus.
  • To the right is the Falcon’s Nest Pub.
  • To the left and further along the main boulevard is the Azure Premise.
  • To the right and further along the main boulevard is the Harbor Pub.
  • To the right is the Old Town Colosseum, and the gladiator villa next to it. These areas are ready for use.
  • Next to the Colosseum is the Varran district (which was a neighborhood registry) including a common park and a Baskarr Temple.
  • In front of the Colosseum is the Yanar district, which contains a lot of greenery.
  • Speaking of the Old Gods Temple, nestled in the mountain cliffs is the 4 part Old Gods Temple, right next to the Hidden Dragon Brothel.
  • Next to the bridge is the colossal Regalian Hospital. We no longer hand out healing properties to clinic staff, instead, all organizations together can make use of this massive building. It contains medical offices, an alms house, lounges, convalescence areas, anything that care roleplay would warrant.
  • Behind the hospital are two smaller slummy Old Town sections, which are both pre-registered neighborhoods.
  • Behind the slummy sections is the Velheimer district, which also connects with the Old Gods Temple and contains the Sorenvik Estate inside of it.
  • Next to the Velheimer district is the Waterway district which is covered by smaller waterways and bridges.
  • In the Waterway district is also the smaller church, the House Black Noble estate and the Mercenary Keep. Especially the church is of noteworthy interest. The Reverends can do IC funerals for characters who died (in non criminal ways) and actual graves will be built by Lore Staff with the names of those buried on them.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Looping back to the Imperial Isle, there’s a ton of houses on this island. There’s also some public properties. Of course the massive Cathedral which can practically be seen from everywhere, but also the Unionist Synod Cloister, where the Reverends meet, the Government Palace which contains a court room and the Assembly halls, and also the House Howlester Estate.
  • Jumping the bridge to the other side, there is a patch of wheat and potato fields inside which is the House Harhold Estate, connected also to the House Kade Estate. These two rest next to the Alt-Regalian district which was a pre-registered district, but received a lot more houses than originally intended, and also has the Regalian Explorer’s League building (which is now the Intellectual League) as well as a Beergarden and a party garden inside of it!
  • Guarding this district is the Knight’s complex which contains the Ravenstad Estate, a smaller chapel, as well as the Knight’s Headquarters, which functions as a military office complex for generals and knight characters alike.
  • Nestled in between a bunch of non-registered houses is the pre-registered Allar district complete with internal square and gardens and the House Yaotl Estate, which also includes its own colorful rainbow hall, reminiscent of the old Allar Embassy.
  • Behind this district is the Regalian College which contains a library, lecture halls, museum and other intellectual pursuit areas, surrounded by gardens and water. The College itself offers access to the romantically styled Swan Lake, which has a lot of unique private spots and boats which can be rented off on the lake.
  • Next to said lake is the Altalar district which is a pre-registered district. Originally the registration was for park loving Nelfin, but we chose to make it an Altalar district instead. Flanking this district is the (Altalar styled) Pantheon of Estel Temple, as well as the House Peirgarten Estate.
  • Looping around this area again is a large road of non-registered properties, which surround the Ithanian district, a pre-registered district with a lot of extra houses that connects perfectly with the Teahaus, which also contains the Ithanian lobby gathering hall.
  • To the north of the Ithanian district finally is the grand Regalian Park, which acts more like a forest. This area is the least worked on, and may be expanded as the city gets released further. It contains as of yet the Regalian Clinic (so not the hospital) because the hospital is very far away from this spot. It also contains the Regalian Thermal Baths and hot springs and the Regalian Ballroom!
  • Across the water from the park again is the Imperial Palace, a re-textured callback to the old Imperial Palace that stood in Regalia V4. This looks out over the entire city, and right in front of it on the Imperial Isle is the Violet Order Castle, sitting next to the Daendroque District. The Imperial Palace will be made accessible as an event venue at a later point in time.

That’s a lot of content!

See you in game!