The symptoms of Pay to Play
Recently a trend has been made that we do not like at all, and I felt it was necessary to explain our position on this towards the players. Recently, the number of premiums has exploded exponentially because of the decrease of the player cap. This resulted in the many “can X premiums please leave the server so my friend can join” comments in global, causing agitation left and right.

The problem of Pay to Play
These are symptoms of what we describe as “MassiveCraft turning pay to play” essentially it’s impossible to play properly on MassiveCraft during peak hours without being premium. Make no mistake, we are united in our hate for this situation. We want donating to be optional and not necessary to play.

Sharding the solution?
Cayorion asked me in Teamspeak “How do we fix this situation?”. I jokingly replied with “maybe we should start admin abusing to make the server less popular”, but the solution to this problem is sadly alot more complicated. Cayorion as many of you know, has spent most of his recent time working on sharding. For those of you that do not know what sharding is: Sharding is coding or altering existing plugins or new ones to make them compatible across servers. An example would be: If you mined 2 diamonds and 4 gold ingots in one server, and then joined the other, your inventory would still contain those items and you would be at the spot where you left. This is a revolutionary concept and it has not been done before, so it takes time. Because of this “pay to play” concept dooming over our heads, Cayorion has decided to start cutting edges with the sharding project to speed up production. Previously he wished to finish the project in an as perfect as possible state, but we are all alarmed by the premium situation, to the point where he changed his mind.

Buy silver or premium in game for real life money?
This has been becoming a trend lately that we are not entirely satisfied with. Essentially our stance on buying in game items with real life money is as followed: We heavily discourage the purchase of in game items. We cannot expend any resources to tracking this down and actively shutting it down, however we have made the decision to offer no protection to people who become subject of malicious practices. What does this mean? It means you will not be protected from a person scamming you out of real life money for in game items. We simply feel this is the responsibility of the player, and we carry no responsibility to player’s actions outside our server and community.

There are in fact more reasons why you should consider not buying in game items in MassiveCraft. While we firmly hold onto our existing universe, there is a microscopic chance that in the future a plugin might irreversably break, and Cayorion might not find a solution to this. Because of this, it is possible that any investment you made for in game items might simply be lost by a failure of technology. We cannot guarantee an eternal existance of everything or even the existance of it in it’s current state. Cayorion works hard every update to make players suffer little to no changes from plugin changes if they are not beneficial. In the end, we are subject to the properly functioning of all plugins that we use not made by us.