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Premium members get access to over 30 incredible features. They may be changed at any time but are always awesome.
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  • Item Statistics: Weapons record kill count and last kill in lore. [NEW!]
  • Item Autographs: Sign the item in your hand using /autograph. [NEW!]
  • Chat Nickname Reservation: Reserve up to 10 nicknames. [NEW!]
  • Mob Disguises: Disguise yourself as a mob using /d.
  • Music Instrument: Play “beautiful” music in the GUI /instrument.
  • Walk Speed: Lower your movement speed using /walk.
  • Sign Editor: Edit placed signs by shift right clicking them.
  • Golden Name: Premium color in chat and above head.
  • ✸ Badge: Premium badge in chat and above head.
  • Chat Cooldowns: Chat cooldowns reduced from 60s to 30s.
  • Glow: Make yourself glow using /glow.
  • Painting Switcher: Simply scroll to switch between paintings.
  • Decapitation: Decapitate players (10% chance) and mobs (1% chance).
  • Craft Heads: Get access to custom recipes for cosmetic heads.
  • Login Priority: Join servers even if they are full.
  • Undead Horses: Turn your horse into a zombie or skeleton horse.
  • Name Tags: Craft and use name tags.
  • Firecrackers: Craft firecrackers with Sulphur, Glowstone Dust and Paper.
  • Item Color: Colorize leather, wool, clay and glass using /color.
  • Item Name: Set custom item name using /name.
  • Item Lore: Set custom item lore using /lore.
  • Banner Editor: Edit banners with ease using /banner.
  • Block Hats: Wear any block as a hat.
  • Emote Effects: Particle and sound effects for chat emotes.
  • Particles: Add a particle effect to yourself using /particle
  • Character Card: Describe yourself using /char.
  • Personal Renames: Rename players for yourself only using /rename.
  • Forum Rank: Get premium banner and golden name on our forums.
  • Forum Priority: Get staff review and support priority on our forums.
  • Forum Signature: Set a signature for yourself on our forums.
  • Forum Social Create: Create your own social forums.
  • Forum Social Join: Join 5 social forums instead of 3.

Upcoming Features

  • Database Priority: Your data is stored forever. No 20 days timeout.
  • Pets: Cosmetic animals and monsters that follow you around.
  • Cosmetic Heads: Spawn decorative heads using a chest GUI.
  • Expanded Update Recipes: With every update, comes new ways to craft the unobtainable!
  • Skin Selector: Select a custom skin using a chest GUI.
  • Picture Maps: Paste images onto item frames.
  • Circular Cosmetic Recipes: Chiseled Stone, Glass Colors, Wool Colors etc.
  • Improved /char Command: The /char command will be improved further.

We are working on these features right now. They will be added one at a time as we complete coding them.

All the Hats in the World!

On Massivecraft, Premium players can equip certain blocks/items as decorative hats!

Disguises for Doppelgängers!

With the /disguise feature, you can take the appearance of mobs, other players, and much more!

Premium Emotes

As a premium member, you have access to over 50 emotes! Each emote has its own unique combination of sound and particle effects. Read all about this feature in the MassiveChat emote documentation.

Decapitions All Day

A premium member has a 10% chance to decapitate a player, in which case that player’s head will be dropped (1% chance for mobs).

Particles for Premiums

Premium members can use smoke/particle trails using the /particle command! Read all about this feature in the SmokeTrail documentation.

Paint Switcher

By right-clicking any painting, you can conveniently switch between all the paintings in the game, with custom work featuring our resource pack!

Color and Badge – Above Head

Premium members get gold colored names and a star badge above their head. Staff members will prioritize helping you and answering your questions.

Color and Badge – In chat

The gold colored name and star badge applies in chat as well.

Banners and Flags

With the /banner command, premiums can alter and change their flags without needing to use dye, making a variety of striking banner designs possible.

The Glow Command

With the /glow command, premium users can outline their form with a glowing light.

Kill Count Items

On Massivecraft, the tools you use can tell you a lot! Kill count, blocks broken, even the latest victim of your fearsome weapon!

Item Lore

Custom Item Lore

As a premium member, you are able to add custom golden lore to any item using the /lore command. This command has no cooldown and can be used as often as you please.


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Become Premium

Premium members get access to over 30 incredible features. They may be changed at any time but are always awesome.
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