Change to Premium Features
As most of you are aware, there has been a long discussion among the administration and players, both on and off the server, about the premium no-drop feature. We have received many complaints about this, from both premiums and non premiums, and we believe we have found a way to solve the problem as best as possible. The first thing to keep in mind before reading this post is that this change will take effect in a week from now (so monday the 16th of July).

The process
Before we came to the final planned change, we spent a lot of time theorizing, planning and gathering feedback from players about the potential changes. The process started many months ago with a new proposal, written to remove the no drop feature altogether. This however was too much, and needed to be changed. We issued several polls among premiums and non premiums, gathered statistics and then researched what these statistics meant. From all our feedback it seemed that many premiums want to keep the no drop feature in order to protect themselves against raids or falling into lava etc. We still however wanted to make it more fair for non premiums to have a reward for beating premiums, and also have premiums come over as less overpowered.

So eventually, we came up with a comprehensive change that would satisfy the most amount of people, and not break the game for a lot of them. The change is noted below.

The old features:

  • Premiums drop no items on death.
  • can engage in combat and not lose items.
  • keep all items (backpack, armour slots, inventory).

The new features:

  • When engaging in combat, premiums will always keep all items in armour slots and backpack.
  • When engaging in PVP-combat, a player is “flagged” with combat for 30 seconds, which will start counting down when the player stops attacking another. At this time, your backpack (/bp) will not be accessible.
  • If the player is killed while “flagged”, they will lose their inventory. After 30 seconds of not attacking, the player will be unflagged and will no longer drop items on death.

We feel this solves the problem for non premiums as it makes PVP against premiums rewarding, after all they can drop items if they fight back. We feel this also makes sure people who bought premium for defence will not lose items if they get raided non stop, after all, they can simply decide not to defend themselves and not lose items. We also feel this helps premiums who raid, after all, since players can actually do something against premiums now they might come out hiding and attack the premiums during a raid. Overall we feel this is a positive change for many target player groups, obviously it is possible that some people are not satisfied with the change but this is simply something we cannot avoid. We can never satisfy everyone with a change. Whatever opinion you have, keep in mind the premium features as mentioned in the disclaimed may always be subject to change given we feel they should. Also keep in mind we have spent many months formulating a good solution, spending many hours in theorizing and discussing with players on how to solve this tricky question.

The MassiveCraft Team