We continuously work on improving the premium membership features here on MassiveCraft. This time we are happy to announce the addition of yet another four new premium features! We have also made CreativeGates and /disenchant available to all players. This was done because of recent changes to the Mojang EULA.

Mob Disguises

The mob disguises is the flagship feature of this premium feature release batch. Use /d to disguise yourself, for example /d polarbear baby. Use /u to undisguise yourself. All mob types are available except ender dragon, wither boss, giant and shulker. When disguised you will look like the mob both to yourself and all other players.

Read all about the mob disguise feature here.

Music Instrument

The new command /instrument brings up a chest GUI music instrument. First you click on the instrument of your choice. Next you get a GUI based keyboard where you can play music manually by pressing the keys.

Walk Speed

You can use the /walk command to reduce your own walking speed. This can be a great utility to pretend you are walking when roleplaying. Use /walk 0.5 to walk at 50% of normal speed. Use /walk 1 to reset your walking speed.

Sign Editor

Premium members can now edit placed signs by shift right clicking them. This is much easier than breaking and placing the sign again. Also no need to worry, you may only edit signs you could normally place or break.

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