Following our recent posts regarding the server monitisation, we have implemented our first step towards making our Premium package EULA compliant. The chances are effective immediately, and have the following effects:

  • All MassiveTraits limitations have been disabled for non premiums.
  • 15% damage reduction for Premium has been lifted.
  • /wb portable workbench is now available to everyone.
  • MCMMO experience boost globally removed for premiums.
  • Faction power and regeneration has been set to Premium levels for everyone.
  • 750 Regals per month from having premium has been removed.
  • All money related commands have been made available to everyone.
  • Premium lounge has been removed.
  • /fix command is now available to everyone.
  • The Premium chat channel has been removed.
  • Creative Gates can now be built by everyone.
  • Cannons can now be built by everyone.
  • Horse armor can be crafted by everyone.
  • Name tags can be crafted by everyone.

As always, we will continue to work to balance out the losses of the Premium package with awesome new features and we hope that all of you will continue donating. The Premium package will continue to be an awesome set of features for any player wanting to donate to the server and receive something in return for it. We continue to work finding new awesome features like the recent pet feature, and several forum features that are currently still in the works. For those of you who haven’t donated yet, with what we hope is an improvement to the server as a whole, we hope that you will consider donating, especially now.

A new round of changes will be implemented within a week, we will keep you all fully up to date on every change we plan to make and implement.

The MassiveCraft Team