We’re going to be taking a closer look at PvP. We have always been dedicated to improving the experience of our player base as a whole, but have recently realized the lack of focus on PvP.

To help with this issue, we have included a new PvP department of staff and will have the Tech department focus on actions that will improve PvP.

PvP Department

The PvP department is dedicated to the improvement of the player versus player experience on MassiveCraft. We will be recruiting additional individuals to work with existing PvP staff to do the following:

  • Playtest and make balance tweaks to MassiveTraits and MCMMO.
  • Host PvP tournaments and other events.
  • Guide the Tech Department in what plugins to develop/install.
  • Create tutorials regarding PvP on the wiki.
  • General development of the PvP community.
  • Promote healthy and friendly interactions within the PvP Community

A more in depth summary of what the PvP department’s responsibilities are can be found on our wiki here.

Recruitment to become a part of this department can be found here.

Tech Department

The tech department manages our Minecraft plugins and is going to give extra attention to PvP.

First we will focus on decreasing lag and improving TPS. This will make game play smoother and result in a PvP experience free from lag spikes. We have been working on that this week and will continue to do so for at least another week.

Then we will work on MassiveTraits. MassiveTraits is currently in beta and we yet plan on making many improvements and balance tweaks to the plugin. We have already removed HarmStrike, HarmRevenge, ArmorpenStrike and ArmorpenRevenge as a temporary quick balance fix.

We also have many ideas for the future we hope we will get the time to implement: Kit PvP, Anti Combat Logging, Duel plugin, Highscore system, better war system in Factions etc. Though as mentioned, the top priority is TPS and MassiveTraits at the moment.