All About Regalia

All About Regalia:

Located within the borders of the Regalian Empire, the prospering city of Regalia can be found flourishing with diverse cultures and races. It is the largest city within the Ailor empire and considered to be the center of Aloria. This city is the capital city and spawn for MassiveCraft.

The Holy city society varies between Imperial nobles who are the height of society and to the mundane common folk who walk the lowly cobble streets. From the conquest driven Ailors to the arrogant Altalar Nelfins, Regalia is an ever growing city where everyone has a helping hand in defining its destiny. Whether they are the reigning Emperor himself or magic-wielding mage who lurks in the alleyways.

Anyone who takes the leap of faith and voyages to Regalia has the chance to make their home within its borders. Houses are available for rent and give city goers the chance to decorate their own homes to their liking. However, said rentals cost a pretty penny seeing as the devoted city guards enforce that citizens do not live outside of the safety of the Regalian city walls.

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How to Rent Homes and Shops in Regalia

Golden Willow (Tavern)

Despite the many districts and shops within Regalia, the heart of the city is The Golden Willow Tavern. If one seeks friendship and thriving spirits, then they are welcome to visit The Golden Willow’s outdoor seating, bustling lounges, and famed bar. The tavern is located directly across from the spawn point where the constant active hub of Regalia can be found.

Unionist Cathedral

The center of religion and devote practices of the Holy city can be found at the Unionist Cathedral. The Cathedral is the largest within Regalia, as well as filled to the brim with riches to pay tribute to the Regalian emperors of past and the all-knowing Spirit. The house of worship is known for the High Reverends and sinners who crowd through it’s welcoming doors for wisdom and forgiveness.

Old Town

Littered with shady folk and the lowest of lows, the many communities of Old Town can be found. Illegal mages, thieves, gang members, corrupt guards, Vampires, and much worse call the West island of Regalia home and run amuck with little interference from authority figures. Old Town is the place to be if anyone seeks high-risk adventure and wish to dip their toes into the criminal world of Regalia.


Beneath the surface of the Holy city, horrific and evil monsters run free. The maze-like tunnels of the sewers have become a “safe” haven to aberrants of all kinds to hide away in. Despite the Emperor himself forbidding citizens from entering the sewers for the sake of their safety, the adventurous or malicious souls of Regalia often accept the sewer’s calling.


As a beacon of hope within Regalia, the impenetrable walls of Greygate loom over the heads of Regalian citizens. The prison is designed to keep the worst of the worse locked behind cell doors to protect the innocent of the city. Greygate guards strive to create a better tomorrow for their Holy city, often facing off with criminals and hauling them away for good. The prison and stone square before it are strict RP zones.

The Imperial Palace

The home place to the Emperor of Regalia and the hang-out spot amongst all of the nobles, the Imperial Palace is a grand palace that overlooks the city of Regalia. From political meetings to tea parties in the gardens, you can always catch a glimpse of Regalia’s richest parading around these halls. Be sure to remember that no commoners are allowed at the palace and that the moment you step off the boat it is a “Strict-RP Zone.”

Regalian Parks

The many Regalian Parks that are scattered across the city have become a common place for leisure. Soothing lakes and old oak trees decorate the landscape of the parks, welcoming nature worshipping Cielothar Nelfin to even wealthy nobles that yearn for a day of relaxation. However, criminals often lay low in the parksides in hopes to catch an explorer on their own, beware!

… and Many More Districts!

Regalia is full of diverse cultures which often are split up into their own districts so that races can live comfortably within their own society. Velheim, the aggressive Northern Ailors, worship their Pagan gods from their homes and also run weapon welding shops in the Godscourt. Feline-humanoids called Varrans live peacefully within Clawcourt, away from the slavery that plagues their own homelands. Regalia is a mixing pot of races and different classes of society who coexist within one city, welcoming everyone.