All About Regalia

Regalia is the capital of the equally named empire. It is the biggest human empire in the world. This city is the new capital city and spawn for MassiveCraft in place of SilverEdge.

The Regalian Empire was formed by the Emperor and the Church of Regalia. The Church is very ambitious in their doings. All who don’t believe their story are called Heretics, thus they often went into war with many other Empires. In all times, not just peace, the city is well organized.

The city itself is ruled by the Emperor himself, the Senate, and the Church. When the Emperor was, or is, incapable of leading, the Church and the Senate take over temporarily. These three have a straight thinking of how to handle the city, and although they don’t like Races other than Humans, they have allowed Dwarves and Elves to build a district in their city.

Everybody is able to rent a house in Regalia, but most of the prices aren’t cheap. The Emperor forbade anyone from building outside of the city on his island, so you must travel to another continent if you wish to build.

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There is much to learn about living and socializing in Regalia. Explore the links below to learn how to get around.

Points Of Interest

Mustering Hall (Tavern)

The Golden Willow, or Tavern, is the heart of the Regalian social scene. The tavern features a variety of lounges, dining halls, and balconies all revolving around the bar, the hub of activity. Located near the center of the city, the streets around the tavern tend to be the most active and lively.

Unionist Cathedral

Center of the Unionist Religion, this cathedral is in the heart of the city. Home of the Sancella of Unionism, the cathedral is filled to the brim with riches to pay tribute to the emperors past. Although currently closed for renovations, the church is often filled with pilgrims, zealots, and sinners repenting for forgiveness. The reverend also offers periodic masses to the public.

Old Gods Temple

The Old Gods Temple is a large domed building in the heart of the Old Gods District. Built to honor the 8 deities of the Old Gods faith, the building’s minarets soar above the city skyline. A beautiful unkempt park sprawls out before the temple, interrupting the winding alleys of the district. The temple is still closed from the Qadir occupation, but is occasionally used for shady dealings.

Queen’s Throne Room

With the Lo Occupation of the city and the Emperor’s Palace standing staunch against her new reign the Queen took to taking over this hall as her Throne room. Tread carefully here as even the slightest slip of the tongue can land you in hot water as your mannerisms best be on point for her Majesty. Friend or foe of this new era best tread lightly when here.

Grey Gate Prison

The Grey Gate Prison is the home of the Regalian Guard. This stone fortress near the city wall is impenetrable, complete with thick walls infused with a fortune of lapis, reinforced iron gates, and advanced anti-lock picking mechanisms. The prison and stone square before it are strict RP zones.

Academy Hall

Want to host an event for the public? Well this hall has seen many an event happen over its lifespan. From balls to cooking competitions it’s seen it all. Just a short jog from the mainroad it serves as private area when not being serviced for some grand spectacle for some more reclusive roleplay.

Lichtblick Clinic

The Lichtblick Clinic provides a health center for the people of the city. Resting on the hill overlooking the Regalian Park, it is built on the highest land point within the city walls. Filled with medicine, opium, healers, and disease, the Lichtblick Clinic is one of the most important buildings to the welfare of the city.


Bath House

The bathhouse is a leisurely cultural hub in the northern part of the city. Representative of the racial discrimination within the city, the best baths are reserved for the humans, while non-humans must use the smaller baths. The center bath is a open air courtyard, a wonderful place to meet with friends or relax alone.


A Hub of Regalia activity, you can find yourself seated here for hours watching the various sorts of people travel about. With the winter season hitting the city hard you can even find the once roaring fishing pond covered in ice suitable for a variety of winter sport. Just want to relax? A wonderful area for meeting new people and exploring for some of the more hidden secrets that you can find in Regalia.

Emperor’s Palace

While the Emperor is out battling the likes of the Lo Reign his keep serves as a bastion for the Old Empire to keep some semblance of hold onto the city. Located across a large bridge it is not for the light-hearted to enter. Better keep your wits sharp and your manners sharper because you best not slip for even the most minor slight can have large consequences. This is a strict RP zone so you best be prepared for some strong roleplay.