Hi all!

By now, you all should know we’re working on 2 new worlds: Regalia and Ellador. However incase you’re not familiar with them, here’s is a short brief.


Regalia is the Royal Capital of the Massivecraft community. In this world, alot like silverwind but more advanced, you will see houses ranging from noble to shacks, prospera-styled market place but almost tripple the size, a church which is just mesmerizing, the city hall and libraries, docks, store houses and so much more to follow. Regalia is focused on being the new spawn area and thus must have all the essentials there such as player-owned houses, store rooms and market-stalls. It will have a church, library and courthouse, fountain and a few magic experiments. But I won’t divulge too much information and spoil the surprises 🙂


It’s spelt Ellador, without an N at the end – For all the confused people. Ellador is a very diverse map. It has alot of little islands and a few chunks of mainland. Without divulging the map too much, it’s pretty epic in my opinion. The port for this world will be in the centre, and is an ice-based world. 

Now, the problem the team is having is wondering what to do with the port in Ellador, some of us are wanting what will benefit the community, others fight for what we think you want. So this is the chance for you to fully voice what you are looking for in relation to the new world, Daendroc and Regalia. Because all the commerce will be fully available and functional in Regalia, why would you need any plots in other worlds? But also, would you actually want plots in other worlds? The answer is simply yes or no, and I know many of you will have opinions on both. So, here we are asking for your opinion. Please use this link to voice your opinion, make suggestions on this issue, tell us a different idea, tell us what you want to see as a player! We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you’re all as excited for the new worlds as we are! 😀