As most of you know, we’ve had technical difficulties using the house rental plugin for Regalia. Those have officially been resolved since yesterday, and we have gone ahead and set up most of the rental regions. This post will serve as an announcement to tell everyone when the house rentals will be enabled, and what the specific rules or limitations are.

First and foremost, house rentals will be enabled at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday the 4th of March. For those who have trouble converting the time, there is a widget at the bottom of this page which will tell you in how many hours the release will take place.

Secondly, house rentals will only be enabled for premiums during the first release. Premiums will have the ability to purchase housing before the release to non Premiums. The non Premium release will take place a full week after the Premium release, so at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday the 11th of March. This date may change due to the availability of our tech staff.

Some further points of interest:

  • We have a Tutorial on our forum to explain the new commands used for house rental.
  • There is a tech limitation to the amount of houses that can be rented. A non Premium can only rent 1 house. A Premium can rent 3 houses, though by rules may only own 2 at a time. They may “possess” a third for the purpose of resale, though such a property should be sold within at most 2 weeks of purchase.
  • The old Regalia housing rules apply. You may not alter the walls or exterior of a building. You may do with the interior as you please.
  • Several blocks and items are banned with a plugin from being placed in Regalia, meaning you cannot place blocks such as item frames, trapdoors, armor stands and more. We have made this decision to conserve FPS in Regalia.
  • While non Premiums cannot buy housing, they can still be added as “friends” by Premiums who have already bought a house.
  • Different districts will be staged with their release. Our first release is the common districts, which is all the housing (380 in total) within the city walls. The poor district will be put on sale at a later date (at least 2 weeks from now), and the rogue district and ship rentals will be put on sale at an even later date.

If you haven’t gotten Premium before, or if it is running out soon, now might be an excellent time to consider donating (again). Houses are much desired objects on MassiveCraft of which there are only 380 available, there is a realistic chance that all houses will already be bought up by premiums before the non-Premiums even get the ability to rent them. Remember, donating also gives you 750 Regals per month, the in-game currency. This is more than enough for two months of rent.

Coundown to Premium housing Rentals
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Coundown to non-Premium housing Rentals
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