From today onward, Regalia’s max Region Rental number has been increased from 2 to 3. This means that the rules associated with house/shop/cemetery rentals changes along with it. Effective from today, the following Rental Region rules are in effect:

Regalian Shops:

  • One shop per person, no exceptions.
  • Having a shop on your alternate account will result in the closure of both shops without a refund.
  • Using other players as fences is not allowed either. Violating this rule may result in a ban.
  • Separate faction members may own shops from collective teamwork, as long as the profits of the shops go to their respective owners.

Regalian Housing:

  • Two houses per account, Three houses per player maximum.
  • You may own one house on an alternate account as long as your main account does not exceed 2 houses.
  • You may own one house per alternate account, if you have two alternate accounts and one house on your main account.

Regalian Graves:

  • Regalian Graves are new to the Rental Region setup. You may own as many graves as you like.
  • Family Crypts officially function as a grave, meaning you can have as many of them as you like. However, some crypts are large enough to function as housing. If you choose to make your living inside a family sized crypt, the property effectively becomes a house, and will fall under the Regalian Housing regulations.

Regardless of what combination you choose, you may only own 3 regions per account, this is a technological limit we impose on everyone. Some examples of possible combinations on an account:

  • One shop, One house, One grave.
  • One shop, Two houses.
  • One shop, Two graves.
  • One house, Two graves.
  • Two houses, One grave.

Have fun with the new regions!