As many of you have most likely already seen, a new map has shown up on the Dynmap called Regalia. This map is not accessible to players, but admins, mods and trusted can be seen there occasionally building something that looks like a city. There have been several rumors and whispers here and there, and we decided it was a good idea to release a public statement to let everyone in on our plan. 

How did it start?
There was always a concept, a thought, that Silveredge was not what it intended to be. A lingering feeling that prospera could have been much greater. An idea that we could unite all players using server provided functions in one central place. A central place to call home for everyone, regardless of affiliation, faction, or world. A place in itself entertaining and wonderfull enough to allow players to spend large amounts of time in it. The MassiveCraft team came to a project to realize this feeling, the need for a central cityworld like Silverwind but better. After a lenghty development process involving the world itself, a plan was drawn up to build the city, and work started. 

What is Regalia?
Regalia can be seen as the regent capital of all world. Regalia is the crown jewel of MassiveCraft. Regalia is determined to be our one top and main world, this world will stay for as long as MassiveCraft is alive (the world will thus never face resets). Regalia will be the new Prospera, new Silveredge and new Silverwind combined in one spot. Regalia is a grand city with houses, shops, taverns, an arena, and many public buildings that service both regular players, and rp players. We have made the following list of diffrent functions in Regalia, keep in mind however this list is subject to change due the limitations of plugins.

  • Shops for sale
  • Houses for sale
  • Embassies
  • New Spawn
  • Ships for sale
  • Tavern/Hotels with rooms (possibly by players maybe)
  • Arena
  • RP Events
  • Player Parliament
  • Public Library
  • Travel hub with boats to other world
  • Travel hub for Instances
  • Event gate
  • Sewers with it’s own Undercity (houses also!)
  • New city Bank

A highlight on several points
Shops for sale, what happens to prospera? All active Prospera shop owners will be given a free shop in Regalia, they must however claim it. They may also choose to buy a merchant house with additional payments. Prospera itself will be deleted once the move has taken place. Houses for sale how does this work? World Guard, this may be automated or admin controlled. Houses with diffrent values in diffrent districts will be sold. We are not sure yet what the rules on houses are, but they will be more strict then embassies. New spawn, what happens to Silveredge, or even Ceardia? Silveredge will become a regular world capital, and Ceardia will remain the way it is. The continual survival of Ceardia is a hotly debated topic since the world is so scarred, but we have no plans in the near future to remove or reset Ceardia. Player Parliament, is this democracy that I smell? We are not sure yet on how to implement this, but we have some form of player parliament planned in this city. This means that an admin may take sessions in the parliament building and listen to players who wish to adress the admin team trough a more roleplay method. There are stands and seats for noble people (only for the rich citizens of Regalia!) and viewing stands and balconies for the regular people. More information on this should follow as we flesh out the concept more. 

So when can we expect it all?
We don’t know yet. We are currently working on this project, however as you can most likely understand, this project is huge and takes alot of time and work. We have internally set some sort of a 2 week deadline, but this may be extended as we may run into problems. We want this city to be as good as possible for everyone, the seasoned MassiveCraft players and the newbies.  

Can I help building?
Yes, but the criteria are harsh, very harsh. The project is currently being lead by MonMarty who has construction hours during several times of the day. The following list shall tell you what you need to have or know before applying to help. 

  • Already be an established BO2 builder in the grid 
  • Have finished at least 5 BO2’s in correct methods
  • Accept that your work may not be used at all, if it does not suit the plan
  • Be able to listen to orders without question, the project works on a tight scedule with strict rules
  • Accept that someone may copy your building and adapt it
  • Be able to take suggestions and use them instead of sailing your own course

These rules are very strict and tough to work by, but you do get the chance to possibly have your work incorporated in the city that will last as long as MassiveCraft does. If you want to sign up for the workcrew, contact either Monmarty, or if he is not online, contact 05rhardy who should be able to relay your message to MonMarty. Your work in the Grid will be judged by MonMarty prior to being allowed into the workcrew. Do be very serious about this however, any form of sabotage or disruptive behavior in Regalia can result in heavy punishment.

We hope you are all as excited as we are about this project, and hope to report of more news as construction goes along.