The new Sewers have been released!

Thick with the fog of candlelight and the mist of warm waters, Regalia’s sewer system beckons the crooked and the outcasted with a stony hooked finger. Featuring at least fifteen rentable bases, a black market with dozens of shops, several small housing regions, and the new tavern, The Corpse in the Gutter, the new Regalian undercity is a sight to behold.

Twisting tunnels and overgrown passageways line the confines of this large underground habitat for the unwanted. The network of maze-like corridors all stem from the entrance like roots from a tree. The tavern, The Corpse in the Gutter, is an old, hardy ship permanently docked in those shallow waters. Two new bartenders are eager to serve you all kinds of bootleg beers, stolen spirits, and villainous vodkas.  Aside from that, there is a noodle shop above the ship’s resting place where underdwellers can get their fill of Top Sho’s famous noodle bowls.

Regalia’s replacement sewers are now available to the public!
Featuring a brand new black market, tavern, rentable bases, shops, and housing!

The sewer system is bigger than the old one, with lots of twisting corridors and deep, dark waters galore.

Area renting will be available a few weeks after release, to give everyone time to explore the sewers and get to know their surroundings. Two NPC bartenders will soon be open for business, selling drinks and functioning much like Bartender Cole in the Golden Willow.

Type  /tp sewers to start exploring!