Regalian Housing and Availability

 It has been a few months since the release of Regalia V5 and the city is looking great!  More often than not there is a need for homes and few options.  In order to stop people from hoarding properties and then never using them or selling them, we’re going to try and free up some “zombie” properties that exist without use.

Next Friday, February the 15th, staff are going to start putting homes back on the market that simply aren’t being used. This means homes that have just been sitting empty for months with no signs of ever being decorated or plans to be decorated.



There will be no refunds if your home gets evicted.

To avoid being evicted, get some basic furniture up.

Basic furniture can be something as simple as wood, it’s a resource that is available to every player if they take a quick trip to Essalonia.

If you can’t be bothered to do the interior on your property, sell them!

Properties that are ongoing sales on the forums will NOT be evicted.


So, in short, all houses that have ZERO decoration in them and are looking to not be used will be evicted next Friday, the 15th and put back on the market with NO refund to the player!


We hope that those who weren’t able to get homes in the first run will be able to rent and decorate their dream rp home!