Hear ye, hear ye, news from the the Queen Freya Lo herself has arrived announcing the creation of a bicameral legislative body. By her will, the Queen has created a system in which the commoners of the Empire may hold office. Now to make sure everyone who wants to run is accounted for all candidates must apply for candidacy. With such great responsibility, comes the need for a set of rules and of course the associated perks of the job. To make things snappy, below are highlights from that list.

The upper house is to consist of landed nobility who have sworn fealty to Freya Lo. They as such are guaranteed a seat. They, as decided by Freya Lo, are to serve largely as an oversight council for the lower house. They will share the ability to propose and approve laws to be seen by Freya for final approval without the need of the Lower House.

The lower house will be given 15 seats, 5 of which will be designated for Non-Ailor only, this means humanoid races, not beasts. These seats will be for addressing the problems of the people and the proposition of means to relieve these grievances. They have the ability to vote upon law implementation. If successful the law passes unto the Senate if voted successfully here to the Queen herself. To ensure fair treatment, these seats are reserved for the unlanded.

Candidacy applications are open from Dec. 17th to Dec. 24th. Voting begins Dec. 26th and ends Jan. 2nd. Ballots will be open throughout the week for people to cast their votes! We encourage active campaigning and events to garner support and attention in pursuing a seat on the parliament.
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