A long time ago, Regalia featured a district specially built for the Elves of Aloria. This district disappeared over time, though it has just made its return!

The island is separated from Regalia by a waterway and a few bridges, which makes it conveniently detached from the busy city experiences, offering a more rural and nature lifestyle. We have removed the Rogue island, which had been with us since Regalia V1 but had become severely outdated, to make place for this new district. With the recent Lore changes in regards to the Elves, this district opens up brand new opportunities and roleplay scenes for Elves and non Elves alike!





The Elven temple provides immersive roleplay potential for believers of the faith of Estel and creates a beautiful landmark that the Elven slum is centered around. Every available plot in the slum is only a short walking distance from this temple, making it an ideal meeting place for Elven characters and events hosted with an Elven theme.

The other primary features you will find in this new district of Regalia are:

  • 29 unique houses thematically designed for poor to medium wealth Elven characters.
  • 2 new rentable boats off the coast of the slums, a medium sized junk boat and an Elven inspired tradeship.

These houses and boats will be available for rent soon. Until then, you are able to travel to the district in Regalia, and roleplay in the new slums to your heart’s content!