Rental Rules

If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. If you need additional assistance on the server, consider opening a ticket in our Discord.

Rental Rules

Region violations will result in a warning issued through in-game mail. You may request wool or glass colors to be changed via ticket.

  • You may not alter the exterior of any building, either through use of pistons or accidental access to the region that overlaps outside walls. This includes windows, doorways, and walls.
  • Rentable regions in Regalia must be used for roleplay. Do not use them for storage purposes. Temporary storage for building purposes is fine.
  • You may only rent one (1) marketplace shop.
  • You may only rent one (1) house in each survival world spawn.

Banned Blocks

Some blocks are fine for business regions, clandestine bases, and noble estates in Regalia. If you’re unsure if a block can be placed in one of your owned rental regions or market stalls, make a ticket.

  • Glowing Signs
  • Chest (any kind)
  • Item Frame (any kind)
  • Railway Cart (any kind)

Limited Usage Blocks

  • Decoheads
  • Armour Stand
  • Banner