After half a year of work sharding is finally here. The first version is now running live on MassiveCraft for all players to test out.

Sharding is when you run multiple minecraft servers as if they were one. The world maps are spread out across the different servers. This way we achieve less lag, higher TPS and a higher maximum players online limit. Even though there are many servers it feels just as one big server since inventory items, factions, chat messages etc are synchronized among the servers.

Currently we are just running two servers to test the system out. The servers are called “s3” and “s4”. All medieval fantasy worlds except Regalia is located on s4. The other worlds are on s3. Try the following commands:

  • /tps,lag
  • /list medieval
  • /list minigame

As soon as we are satisfied that the system is stable enough we will expand to use 5 servers instead of 2. This will result in even higher TPS and maximum player slots.