We are happy to present two small Roleplay features which might have a great impact on the roleplay community!

MassiveCraft now has its own dice plugin that allows players to roll a dice in game of any parameter. We held off on any such implementation for a long time because it conflicts without view on how one should conduct themselves in roleplay, but in the end, it should be up to the players to decide how they want to do for example combat roleplay.

The plugin will take either what you input as a maximum number and one, or your input maximum number and minimum number to generate a random output. The output is then posted in a chat radius around you for 10 blocks. Use the command as followed:

  1. /dice 20
  2. /dice 5 20
  3. /dice 20 5
  4. /dice -10 10

At command one, the dice system will assume the minimum is 1 and thus roll a number between 1 and 20. At command two, the dice system will see 5 is the minimum and 20 the maximum, thus roll between them. Command three is effectively the same, Cayorion coded it in such a way that the system will recognize what is the minimum and maximum regardless of how they are put in. Command four shows the usage of Negative. The system can take rolls over minus one million and over plus one million.

The dice system is great for:

  • Combat roleplay
  • Pregnancy rolls
  • Scavenging rolls
  • D&D style rolls
  • Much more!

One point of note to remember however:
MassiveCraft is not a D&D style dice powered roleplay server. Our “official” method of roleplay resolution is just a combination of logic&fairness. You cannot under any circumstance force someone to roleplay with you using dices, as the dice system is simply an optional feature for players who want to use it. For example, you cannot ignore a Guard roleplay because the Guard refuses to do a roll with you. The Guard may also choose to ignore the roll if you insist on using them for combat.

Walking in roleplay has always been very awkward. Due to the standard speed we always appear as if we are running. This makes movement feel very fast, and it’s hard to initiate roleplay with someone when they race past you with lightning speed. As such, we now introduce the MassiveWalk plugin that allows you to customize your walking speed. The command is pretty straightforward:

  1. /Walk 1
  2. /Walk 0.5
  3. /Walk 0.75
  4. /Walk 0.55

At command one, the system will make you run normal speed. Walking speed one is basically just normal speed without any swiftness or slowness. At command two, your speed is halved since 0.5 is half of 1. At command 3 your speed will be reduced by 25%. At command 4, your speed will be reduced by 45%. This is equal to slowness III and my personal favorite! I would definitely recommend speed 0.55 for walking roleplay.

Some notes to keep in mind:

  • We have not yet fully tested how MassiveWalk interacts with Traits and potions. This plugin is experimental and we have no clue how it will affect your movement speed. If you find any bugs, please report them!
  • The field of view will not be affected unless you move your speed below the value of 0.5. You can change your field of view either way in your Minecraft client in video settings.
  • Slowness I slows you down by 15%. Slowness II is 30%, Slowness III is 45% etc. These are useful numbers to keep in mind, but if you personally like 67% movement speed that is entirely up to you. You have the ability to set your own speed down to the percentages!