Git Setup
Git Usage

Our expectations

  • You should be at least 16 years old.
    Some times we can make an exception if you have a lot of previous experience in software development.
  • You should be able to speak english.
    You don’t need to speak perfectly but should be able to communicate semi-fluently on our TeamSpeak voice chat.
  • You should have experience in Bukkit and Java.
    Preferably a few months of previous experience. Publishing one of your plugins on Bukkit Dev or Spigot Forums is meriting. Previous knowledge in our MassiveCore library is meriting.

Benefits for you

  • You will become a better developer.
    The tech department is a creative environment. We give feedback, help and teach each other.
  • Your contribution will matter.
    Our plugins are used by thousands of servers. Factions and CreativeGates are on the plugin toplist.
  • You will earn merit and recognition.
    Your contributions will be publicly noted on our weekly changelog news post. Your source code commits will be visible for all to see on GitHub.

How to join

Please follow these steps if you match the expectations and like the benefits above:

Step 1 – Fix a bug

Submit a bug fix pull request on our GitHub or Bitbucket. You could for example fix one of the reported bugs in Factions. Fix the bug in a pull request. Note that it’s uncommon for the first version of a pull request to be accepted. You will get feedback that you should use to improve the pull request in multiple iterations.

Step 2 – Apply for staff

After your pull request has been accepted you should apply for staff here: http://forums.massivecraft.com/forums/staff-applications.11/. Title your post “Tech Staff Application”. General advice for what information an application should contain can be found here: http://forums.massivecraft.com/threads/applying-for-apprentice-instructions.1587/. For the tech department you should additionally include the following:

  • Your Skype and/or Discord Account ID.
  • Link to your bug fix pull request.
  • Links to plugins you have published on Bukkit or Spigot (if any).
  • Links to any other open source previous software work.

Step 3 – Becoming an aspirant

If your application is accepted you will become an aspirant. LumosJared will add you on Discord (using the Discord Account ID you supplied in your application) and after that you will be added to our staff chat rooms on Discord.