The plugin TerrainControl is an advanced configurable world generator. You can use custom biome objects, for example custom trees, that are stored in .bo2 files.

Here at MassiveCraft we use TerrainControl extensively. We also create custom biome objects and participate in the plugin development. At this page you can download .bo2 files. They are all licenced under the open MIT Licence.

MassiveCraft Jungle Pack

Download: BO2-package

This package contains the 229 bo2’s we created for our jungle-world Daendroc.

Our BO2 building strategy

We build the bo2’s ingame, export them using WorldEdit and convert them to bo2’s using a ruby script. We use the following five-part naming strategy: TypeSizeAuthorNameRoot. For example “TreeSNinjabaverSwamptree1R4” means:

  • Type: Tree
  • Size: S (means small)
  • Author: Ninjabaver (the playername of the creator)
  • Name: Swamptree1 (A name Ninjabaver came up with)
  • Root: R4 (means 4 blocks underground)

The author tags

  • Wsx – Wessexstock
  • Njb – Ninjabaver
  • Sko – Syko_Reaper117
  • Fsp – FireSoap
  • Cay – Cayorion
  • Igl – Igel_son
  • Thd – Thedric
  • Bev – Bevso
  • Sam – x_sam_boi_x
  • Unk – Unknown