Festival massacre! Several dozen dead!

The food festival started as a peaceful event of sharing food, conversations, dancing and happiness. But a dark shadow was lurking over Lukkerdam. The Banshee Mrs.Baver appeared and opened a portal to a dark world. Hundreds of monsters from the other world such as Ghasts and Blazes were called forth just as the final dance was about to take place at the festival. The monsters came out and killed almost all visitors and destroyed parts of the city! I was there and saw it with my own eyes and as the massacre went on I hid in a barrel of rum. When I got the chance to escape I ran for my life.

One of the survivors, Lewis Dickson, told us at The Daily Creeper about what happened next:

I had passed out during the attack when one of the Lukkerdam buildings collapsed and when I woke up there was fire everywhere, I could hear monsters screaming and shrieking as they searched for prey. I hid for a while and could see the terrible banshee tear apart buildings with her magic. The ground was shaking from earthquakes and lava erupted from the deep, setting even more buildings on fire.
A small search party found me where I was hiding and we ran out of there as fast as we could before she got the chance to see us.

This apocalyptic event left Lukkerdam scarred, the ships and houses have all been blown apart and savaged by Mrs.Bavers wrath and her minions still lurk there. Lukkerdam is now turned into a chaos of lava and she kills almost everyone that enters her new home. She is more powerful than ever and her power still grows. Who will know where she will next roam and strike?