A new secret society has been founded by two elders and long time explorers. They call themselves The Fellowship of Fargrim. Where they are located has not been revealed to me and I have been lucky just to be allowed to speak with them. There story is one of mystery and is not yet clear to me. What they have told me of their story and their mission is this, as they were travelling they heard many rumours of an ancient darwf king named Fargrim. They heard of his great knowlegde of the world and his cunning on the battlefield. After hearing this and becoming curious of this tale they went to find more information on Fargrim.

As they searched they found out that Fargrim wielded a golden sword, but it was never seen again after he died. As they now had discovered this they started looking now for the sword and they found it. The sword was found in the center of king Fargrim’s secret underground library. As they both held the sword they felt the great knowledge of the world flow into them. As they now had this great knowledge it was known to them what they had to do. Not wanting to let the sword fall into the wrong hands they made a sacred vow to protect it with there lives.

The amount of infomation I was able to collect from them is very uncommon because of there secretive nature. The most improtant thing I was able to discover is that they are peaceful and want to help the world become a better place with there knowledge. If you ever do see them in the street, although this is highly unprobable, ask for there help if you need it. This is a very new society and is highly secretive and more is bound to be found out, so look out for more strories about them and their adventures.

Written by justin5191
Picture by philliph