The Grand Market is a newly established market on the border of Daendroc; this grand event will take place on the Wednesday 16th May 7:00 PM GMT. The Grand Market event allows you to set up a market stall for an hour or two as a merchant and is not faction based so anyone can come along and see if there is any space available, plots will go to first players who enquire about the plots, this event will hopefully make it easy for poorer players to earn some silver!

To inquire about owning a market stall for a day speak to x_sam_boi_x who is overseeing the event, however if I am not online for any reason another admin may be able to help you.

Terms & Conditions

  • Buildings must be Role-Play market style like the example below.
  • To rent a stall you must enquire before Wednesday 16th May 6:00PM GM
  • Some who are very wealthy may be denied a plot, Giving those less fortunate a chance to earn some silver.
  • If there are any left-over spaces at 6:30 PM GMT anyone will be allowed a stall.
  • Role-Play Anyone caught out of charcter maybe removed or jailed.