The great Harvest Festival comes to Regalia with great enthusiasm and has great events in store for everyone. There are quests, a dunk tank, fireworks and a whole variety of things to see and experience. Some of the events you will be able to participate in are:

  • Firework shows
  • Guess the Drink event.
  • Kissing Booth event.
  • Archery Competitions.
  • Horse jumping race.
  • Firework competition.
  • Jousting Tournament.
  • Lotteries.
  • Creep Ball.

Events can happen at any time during the day/night, the easiest way to know when one is about to happen is to follow the broadcasts ingame. There will be broadcasts for the different events ingame in advance of the events to give everyone a chance to join in on the fun.

To get to the Harvest Festival grounds follow the purple line in the road in Regalia and it will lead you straight to it. We hope you join us and have an awesome time at the events.