Hi all!

It had come to the teams attention that the grid had become rather un-organised, and needed a sole-owner to remove, fix and organise the grid again. And I volunteered to lead this project, and now the grid is becoming more and more organised. The new process on how to access the grid can be found here and applications can be posted in a separate thread altogether: All applications are public, so include no personal information other than your age. 

There is a whitelist for the grid, and anyone with previous access must re-apply via this method. Any trusted, moderator or admin who wants to take someone must ask me beforehand and have them submit an application appropriately. 

The grid is also the gateway to gaining access to aid us in the production of Regalia, which is managed by Monmarty (can see from the previous post). You must build 5 good B02’s on the grid, and thus have been accepted to be granted access to Regalia

What is the grid?

The grid is a separate world from Ceardia, Daendroc and all other worlds. It is a creative world where you can build anything you desire according to the plots you’re assigned. You can find the grid here, and notice how it’s organised with 2 colours and number order. You will spawn at 00,00 upon first entering the grid. And the diamond goes up to 99, and the gold goes up to 99. Eventually, you may be assigned the plot 92,46. To navigate around the grid, you type /go 00 00

What is the purpose? 

The purpose of the grid is to make B02’s. B02 stands for “Custom Biome Objects 2” and is made available through the terrain control plugin we use, and which has been perfected by Wessexstock. When/if you’re allowed access to the grid, you must wait for myself to give you a plot depending on what you plan on building there. You must make something useful such as houses, ruins and other buildings that would possibly fit into the next worlds to come. You  maybe assigned a “Free4All” plot, which will enable you to use your imagination to create whatever you want, a new instance perhaps? Or maybe just pixel art, it’s free for all. 

Thank you for your time! 🙂