As you might have noticed, the MassiveCraft server is down. We had a new Denial of Service causing the server to go down, as well as the website and the Teamspeak. Due to the increased risk of this happening again, and with potential expansion in the future, we planned to do a complete overhaul of our hosting services.

We are changing to a more secure hosting solution. The issue here is however, that hosting the server the magnitude of MassiveCraft involves alot of money, and we have to be very carefull with picking the right hoster. Meanwhile we will put up a temporary server solution that will allow limited access to play, this server will be up in the next 24 hours Players should however keep in mind that this server will not feature the same amount of players as the old regular server. Luckily this is only temporary.

Another thing that you may notice is that we will separate our hosted services into diffrent networks. The website, TeamSpeak and Minecraft server will all be seperated to prevent a total crash. For example, if the server is crashed, the TeamSpeak and website will stay online. We did however have to change some of the connection details to accomodate this. The connection info can be found below.      The new adress to join the Minecraft server.        To the TeamSpeak (up and working!)   The website remains the same

These is some big changes and more are to come. We hope you continue to support us and understand the difficult situation we are in, we are working our best to quickly bring back MassiveCraft so we can all go back playing.

Best Regards,
The MassiveCraft Team.

So, for now we leave you with some random pictures and see you soon!