The City Mayor

Traders, craftsmen, kings and travelers come from all over Ceardia to visit or settle in Silver Edge. Our beautiful city is growing bigger every day since our Mayor Ninjabaver opened the city for trading and embassies.

Ninjabaver is an elderly man who has always been seen as a friendly and diplomatic person. Ninjabaver was born in Silver Edge when it was only a small farming village. Ever since his early years as a young trader Ninjabaver wanted Silver Edge to be a center for travel and trading in Ceardia.

He opened up two local taverns in Silver Edge, Ye Olde Drunk Lord and The Dancing Ederman, and after that a lot of travelers came to trade or even settle down to live here. After many years his wish has now come true as he was recently chosen to be the mayor. The citizens of Silver Edge put their full trust in Ninjabaver.