Hello to all of you awesomest players πŸ™‚
The MassiveCraft Team is running a few huge projects in parallel at the moment and we felt it is time to fill you in on some details. Because soon we go sssssssssssss boom! and you may get shocked if we do not prepare you for all the inbound awesomeness πŸ™‚

New team members

We have three new halfmoderators on the server: Wessexstock, igel_son and FireSoap. We are still looking for more moderator apprentices. Read more on the staff page. To become moderator you need not only show interest but should preferably be very good at something. We follow the motto “actions speak larger than words”. Do something creative and good for our community and we will want you on the staff / moderator team.

New worlds/continents inbound

WessexStock is a virtual arbor and with him and mysource on the team it is time to leave the vanilla world generator behind for good. MassiveCraft is now going nuts with custom terrain generators and custom trees. We will add new continents to the server as separate worlds and you will travel there by boat.

The first new continent is focused on jungles and rainforests. These are images from our work in progress:

[nggallery id=25]

Instance dungeons

Three instance dungeons are being built in parallel at the moment. The players who manage to get through these tricky mazes will be rewarded with items at the end. Here are some photos from work in progress by Syko_Reaper and Ninjabaver:

[nggallery id=26]

x_sam_boi_x is looking for a redstone expert willing to help out with ancient traps in a pyramid. Build something great with redstone and show him. You may then get too participate in building one of the biggest instance dungeons on the server.

New server hardware

Within a month we will run on brand new server hardware and this hardware is extreme πŸ™‚ This will lead to vastly improved tickrate, less lag and the possibility to increase the player slots on the server even more. Our new server will for example feature 64 gigabytes of RAM and an overclocked water-cooled top of the line processor.

Some of you veterans who played on the server for a very long time might remember theΒ  moderator called MaxFromHell who is inactive nowadays. Tomorrow MaxFromHell will travel to Cayorion by train and together they will assemble the new server.

Regards from the team