The hot summer air lay stagnant in Regalia, hanging heavy over the dull, bored citizens. The children played in the dust, the merchants reclines in their shady alcoves, and the tavern was sweltering and quiet. The days went by flatly, nothing too noteworthy piquing interest.

Like a refreshing wave of icy cold water, relief and even excitement gripped the people: the Summer Festival is coming! Flamboyant posters announcing the arrival of the jovial event were tacked onto walls, littered through the streets, and handed to people directly. The people waited eagerly for the fairgrounds to open, and for the festivities to begin.

Hello all! After some careful planning and longs hours of work from your lovely MassiveCraft team, we’re happy to finally announce the Summer Festival! From casual roleplay to fun PvP tournaments, the festival will host a variety of fun activities for all the players of MassiveCraft.

July 21st – August 1st

Go to /spawn and follow the purple carpet from there.


  • Firework Show – 7/21
  • Guess the Drink Game – 7/22
  • Kissing Booth Event – 7/23
  • Play – 7/25
  • Body Auction – 7/26
  • PvP Tournament – 7/27
  • Guess the Drink Game (2) – 7/29
  • Kissing Booth Event (2) – 7/30